About Lala

This is sometimes the rare time I run out of words :)

how to describe me?!?!?!

I am a middle aged (GASP) woman from the Lower Mainland BC Canada eh
I am a mommy!! I have 5 kids!!! (GASP AGAIN) I have done my part to help populate the earth!!
I have 4 daughters and 1 son ... My oldest daughter is a married young adult in her early 20's!! yup I have a married daughter, so crazy to me! (I was 5 months pregnant at her wedding! never say never people!!!) my other 3 girls are teens ... and my son is just a baby!
my oldest and youngest are 21 years apart!!

Yup this makes me a little unique I would say! I have been parenting for a long time and I have A LONG LONG way to go!!

I was divorced and now am remarried! I met my hubby online and am proof that love comes again after 40!! (and a baby as well apparently)

I have had many miscarriages so I often talk about that

I also work outside the home in a family business... that should be a reality show in itself!!

my life is chaotic at times, totally crazy and amazingly blessed!

I am so far from perfect and just like to talk about real life :)

thanks for following along

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