Maui with my posse :)

This was my very first GIRL's trip 

It definitely won't be my last!!

This has been a poopy year ... and a great year ... I think life is like that .. death and life .. new beginnings... seasons change .... my Disney dream life popped a LONG LONG time ago!

life is like a box of Chocolate .. you'll never know what your going to get (Quote from Forest Gump)

so so true 

This holiday was filled with sun, laughter, more sun and more laughter .. and a few drinks and food :)

I am blessed with friends who are so totally there for me... love me unconditionally ... listen, share and love
and laugh!!!

oh how I love to laugh!

The weather was amazing ... our condo was beautiful and it was the right combination of lazy pool days and sight seeing tourist

I felt the sun kiss my soul .. and as I look to the future, a future different then I had planned or imagined I feel sadness at the fact my dad is not here to witness it with me, and I feel excitement (and a whole lot of tired and maybe a tad bit of anxiety, ok maybe more then a tad bit ha ha ) at where life is taking me next!
The land of the living is not for the faint of heart

take time for you
allow yourself to feel all your feels
share your heart with safe people
be real and transparent
be kind to yourself

and if you can ... and honestly I don't think I could afford NOT to have taken this trip .. take a break with some really fun like minded friends ... you'll be glad you did!!!!


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