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FancyTail Fish

one of my latest paintings

I took a wee break from blogging here!

For the most part I update my Facebook page way more often
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Life takes twists and turns and the only constant is change!

My dad died Feb 16 2016 ... that sucks .. I am not over it, I have not come to terms with it and I am not sure I even want too!

I went back to work 2 weeks before that ... after being by his side every day for the 8 months he bravely fought the F'n cancer ... then we followed through with the expansion of the business my dad had started when he was fighting for his life .. cuz you know a workaholic doesn't stop work even when they have been given a death sentence!!!

I sold my townhouse, the place that I lived in as a single mom again after 15 years of a not-great marriage ... I found myself again in that home. I found my strength again in that home. It was a great place for me and the 4 girls.

I found love again in that home ... married and moved my miracle man in with me and the girls .... we had a baby .. at 40 .. HELLO 40!!! yup cuz I am crazy like that!!

We moved in with my mom for a couple of months while we waited for our green cards to come through .. a few trips to Montreal .. that's a long story .... and then we found a house.. a home .. my dream home on an acre ... and everything that was seemingly taking forever and I questioned WHY we were even doing this process fell into place

and we did the BIG move south of the border ... sort of I still work with my mom .. and that is weird .. not the working with my mom part but the working without my dad there ... Mr Mayor himself ... it's weird and I feel his absence there every single day

my baby is walking and full on toddler now ... time flies! he bring us all so much joy .. he is a combo of the 2 of us but he really resembles my baby pictures .. and he makes this certain face (juts out his bottom jaw) and it's SOOOO my dad and since I look like my dad my son looks like me so my son looks like my dad .. and I am so thankful for that

and now I find myself adjusting again and my girls adjusting again and I am constantly reminded how change is constant and it's what you do with what life throws at you that is so important!

We love our new home .. the 2 middle girls started their new school today (grade 11 and grade 9).. my oldest daughter at home is staying at her old school as she finishes grade 12 .. SHE GRADUATES THIS YEAR SAY WHAT?!

oh and in case you didn't know I am a grandma as well ... see it's been so long since I've blogged here I don't even remember where I left off .. I maybe should have checked that first .. but then that would have been me being organized and yah we all know that is NOT ME!

and that leaves me somewhere in a land of individuality lol ... I am a grandma, I have a married daughter, my 2nd child is graduating high school this year, I have 2 more girls in high school, and I have a 1 1/2 year old living in a new country (even though we live 15 min from the border it's still a whole other country you know!!) and I am still trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up!!

So that's what I have been up too!!!

I am planning on starting to blog more .. that's my goal at any rate .. it has been for awhile but you know life priorities the constant change thing I have mentioned a few times .. it gets in the way sometimes! I would like to blog about blended families and the realities of step-parenting without blogging about my children individually! .. one of my daughters has asked that I not blog about her specifically and so I shall honour that and keep this about me .. about my journey and my life and I hope you enjoy tagging along!!


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