bracing myself - a tale of customer service woes :)

I am holding my breath these days... like not literally cuz I wouldn't be here typing this!

ha (it's late so  my humour is lame, sorry about that!)

I am holding my breath in my head space ... it's been busy.. everyone's lives are busy! my business preoccupies a lot of space in my head!

one of the recurring thoughts spinning around up there is that my maternity leave is almost over and I have to head back to work

this means I have to leave my baby for several hours at a time ... I am not so happy about this!

this means I have to somehow FIND MY BRAIN!

seriously baby brain is so real and I think with my age and the added stress of my life this year that it's more then I have ever experienced with having the girls!

I have a hard time remembering things and find I am pushing through a lot of fog moments!

sleep deprivation is a POWERFUL thing!

Brahm will be 11 months old tomorrow and is far from sleeping through the night!

I live in a constant state of being way too tired!


but the clock has ticked and tocked and here I am with less then a month to go and I am doing my best to wrap my head around it all

there is one more reason I am not totally ready to go back to work

this could be a sensitive subject but I know I am not alone in my industry

I have customer service burn out!

not the sweet it really is a pleasure to serve you customers

but the nasty entitled I am right you can't make them happy no matter how hard you try customers ... those .. those ones I am so done with!

they unfortunately come with the territory!

I am dreaded those

in fact I recently (the company emails are set up to my cell and I forward them on to the right people covering for me on maternity but I still get the privilege of reading these lovely treats!! uh hem.. that was sarcasm!) was sieged by an unhappy customer over sourdough bread... yup over bread people!! and to top it off he wasn't even correct on the "facts" he was spewing at me... and it upset me as he was calling me arrogant and that one got under my skin for some reason .. and yah the whole thing just brought me back to what I hate about customer service ... it's people like this! people that take the time to sit down and write a hate email for no reason then to try to upset people .. thinking they know better or could do better or know your job better then you do .. I have literally heard it all!

 I love reading online how an owner or manager responds back cuz honestly the customer is NOT always right!! do you need customers? absolutely!!! but they most certainly are not always right nor should we have to take abuse in any form!! I have actually had to tell a "customer" over the phone that we have the right to refuse service and that I was using that right and that he was not welcome to the restaurant! if he could talk to me that way on the phone there was no way I wanted him to talk to my staff that way in person! it's my job to protect my staff as much as I can!

I love my sweet customers that are just happy people .. that get that it's not a right to be served but a privilege .. if you don't agree just watch the news for a little bit! ... people that are happy you are busy (busy as in in general not as in too busy to serve you :) but line up at the door kind of busy!)  happy that your food took reasonable time cuz it's made from scratch ... people who love to support a local family business once in awhile over the big box chains that have WAY bigger budgets, like apples and oranges kind of difference, and have commossaries to make their food so it's mostly pre-done but that's another story.... people who are just ... NICE! I love nice customers!

that doesn't mean nice people can't relay a less then stellar experience .. after all that's how most restaurants learn and grow, you try for perfection but like any business you are going to mess up from time to time ... but nice people relay it .. here's a surprise .. NICELY!

makes a HUGE difference in how your voice is heard!

and so with all the haters and the social media negative nancy's and those that love to leave nasty reviews on a very 1-sided story ... and the ones that email you telling you they won't eat there anymore cuz you don't have sourdough bread for some arrogant reason or you don't know how to order properly and handle your inventory!! and it just cost you $5,000/year in them eating there .. (I kid you not I so wish I could publish that letter) ... the ones that call and are irate over such small insignificant things.... you also would be shocked how many people steal! salt and pepper soap dispensers! just to name a few! I could go on and on .. maybe in the new year that's what I will blog about .. customer etiquette 101 ... lol

those ones I feel I am bracing myself for .. up in my head ... just a few weeks more and counting!


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