I am going to be a Grandma ... SAY WHAT??!!!!

There is a word that I knew was possible ... I KNEW having a child as young as I did made it entirely possible that one day sooner then later the word would come to fruition in my life.... but I was still hoping for later ...

so yah

it's happening

I am going to be ..... a GRANDMA

yah let's just take a moment to let that sink in


41 year old ME

41 year old ME with 3 teenagers at home

41 year old ME with a 9 month old baby boy

41 year old ME with a grown adult, thankfully married, daughter who is making me a grandma


and to boot my daughter and son in law decided, for their own reasons which is totally their prerogative, to not tell anyone until very recently ... and she is due Jan 19th ... NOT VERY FAR AWAY

and so I take another moment to let it all sink in

and my world takes another drastic shift

This last couple of years I have gotten a divorce, became a single mom to 4 teen girls, had to re-enter the dating world (that was terrifying and I am SOOO glad it's over), found love, remarried, endured a couple of miscarriages again (I have had 8 all together now 6 in my 20's and 2 with this marriage), had a miracle baby boy at the age of 40, oh yah which reminds me I TURNED 40 (wish there was an easy button for that), my dad my hero my rock was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer (shattering my world), and now ..... now I am going to be a grandma

I need another moment here

So .... yah .... lol ... honestly I am still floored :)

I AM happy for them
I AM really happy for my baby boy who will now be an UNCLE .. let that sink in!! ... and they will be about a year apart!!! BUT he gets a playmate to grow up with and I don't have to birth the child or breastfeed it or be responsible for it!! the best part for Opa Paul is he got to clean out our garage :) ... all the baby things have now been transported to their house for their little arrival!! ... the 2 will grow up together like cousins really and we will joke at Uncle Brahm :)
I AM happy that life goes on ... when you are dealing with the realities of cancer and the fragile state of life it is so .... uplifting and even refreshing knowing you are having new life coming into your family
I LOVE babies ... so bring on the snuggles

and oh the projects .. my crafting creative mind is on OVERLOAD with all the things I need to sew and crochet before baby arrives ... which is like only 10 weeks and throw in Christmas in there and I feel a tad overwhelmed! we did pick out fabric for me to sew her her diaper bag with a pair of recycled jeans and I will make a baby blanket as well .... if I only could know what the sex of the baby is I could go nuts ..  but they want it to be a surprise (eye roll, I do not like surprises)... so I will have to wait on that!

So with all the other things that I put pressure on myself to DO and BE and to GET DONE .. now I have one more teeny tiny thing adding to all that ... becoming a Grandma , ok take another moment ..... and a new baby to make things for .... and yah I now I have my feet in SO MANY worlds I feel a little unique! ha

Now to come up with a name for myself cuz I am pretty sure that grandma is NOT going to cut it :)

(my son in law's mom is already a grandma from her oldest son so she proudly wears that title!)


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