Wednesday Ramblings

Part of what really scared me about being single in my 30's and after being married for almost 15 years!! and married very young to boot... and having 4 girls in my charge ... was facing STUFF alone

stuff like ... getting my oil changed, never mind even dating again !!! but the practical day to day stuff that are "blue" jobs!

This past week I had some vehicle issues and as I waited at the tire place to fix my tire that had a slow leak, I met a woman in the waiting area ... having my baby with me opens me up to meeting all sorts of new people cuz you just can't help yourself, he is THAT cute! :) ... it is easy to transition into a conversation when you are oooooing over a baby!

She explained to me that she was there as she had taken her leased car into the dealership and she was told she had 5% brake pads left and needed to change them, at of course additional costs, not covered under the lease agreement .... her spidey senses were going and so she brought it to Kal Tire for a 2nd opinion .... her gut reaction was correct, in the end she had 30% left and they didn't need to be replaced quite yet AND they gave her a quote less then the dealership gave her


as a woman it angers me at the thought that someone thought they could pull one past her ... cuz she is single? or a woman? or the guy felt he could get away with it so he tried... maybe it's that dealerships policy to try to get you to do stuff before it's required?! I have to TRY to give them the benefit of the doubt but this lady felt .... upset .... upset that as a single woman someone tried to take advantage of her. (pretty sure the local Hyundai dealership has been taking advantage of my mom as well)

It happens people!

When I take my car in to get the oil changed the pressure they put on me to upgrade the basic service is intimidating and I hate it! now that I have a Mr fix it I make him take it as much as he can... and they still try to pressure him but not nearly as bad as they pressure me!! he even has told them I don't like to go myself due to the pressure.

I felt for her in this situation as I had been there myself .. well not 100% cuz I had my dad!! and he being my hero and all was always just a phone call away! but there is a certain amount of proving oneself that rises up in you when you find yourself suddenly single after so many years of being in a relationship. You want to SHOW THEM you can do it or maybe that was just me?! :)

We continued chatting and as I do so often I gave her the cliff notes on my life :) ... I really have it down to a short condensed 5 min version :) ... and we talked about dating again .. she is not feeling ready yet and we were talking about dating on line ... it is a scary daunting thing thinking about dating again, especially when you have been with someone for as long and as young as I was, and as it turns out, she had a similar story ... she said to me, "so there is hope for love after 40" .... yes there most certainly is! she also told me after watching me play with Brahm ( I was there waiting for an hour!! ) that I seemed to have fulfilled my purpose in life ... to which of course I smartly answered ... yes I guess I was meant to be a breeder ... ha ... but it is true I LOVE being a mom and I love children, teens are a different story  ha ha ha ... 

When I was ready to date I was scared ... besides the very real and probably legit fear that my girls would get hurt in the process ... I was determined and scared to not hand over the remote control of my life over to anyone... I didn't even want to share a literal remote control .. I liked watching what I wanted to watch, no more sports YEHAW, besides Hockey playoffs of course I am a Canadian after all, eh!.... and no one to tell me when to be home or what to do ... I didn't want to be under anyone's control or expectations ever again. For me at that time getting married again would mean handing that over. 

It doesn't have to be that way!

I have learned in a very short time that marriage doesn't have to be that way! 

I married someone who does not hold expectations over me ... he is content and happy within himself, this is VERY attractive to me! and he likes me just the way I am!! how's that for a happy life?!


he takes my car in as much as he can so I can avoid the stress of standing there feeling vulnerable and way out of my element!!

I love that

and maybe if you have a Mr Fixit you can lend him to a single lady you might know who feels vulnerable in the big world of Automobile Repairs and stuff!


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