parenthood 101

All my young life I knew I wanted to be a mom

like I wanted to be a teacher and a nurse and a movie star


I always was for sure certain that I was going to be a mom

and let's face it ... being a mom is being a teacher and a nurse and definitely NOT a movie star ... lol ... well not the glamour part at any rate!! but when my kids make amazing achievements I do feel like I won the Oscar!!

When you are having your first child you have all these expectations of HOW you are going to be the BEST MOM ever!! and HOW you will discipline and HOW your children will behave in public :) and WHEN they go to bed and WHAT they will be when they grow up ... well maybe that last ones a stretch! you just hope it's something GREAT and makes lots of money!!!

BUT you dream for your child ... you dream and hope and pray for the absolute BEST for your child!

and then you have them

Reality smacks you in the face pretty quickly

Long sleepless nights quickly put you in a reality check

Your babies drain so much from you and some babies more then others and some momma's hormones don't quite bounce back to their "normal" selves!!

so what do you do?

you adjust and adapt!!!

then they become toddlers and all the things you thought you would DO and how you would BE and how perfect your kids would be, and not like so and so's wild child ... these ideas are out the window

so what do you do?

you adjust and adapt!!! ... just a little  more tired perhaps and a probably a little more wiser and I would go as far as to say a whole lot less judgemental of other peoples children you previously thought were badly behaved ciz if they were YOUR children they would NEVER do those things ... snicker!! yah nice wake up call having a toddler isn't it?!

And before you know it you have school aged children .... and maybe your kid is going to pre-K and he/she cannot read yet .... insert GASP here ... it's true!!!! SOME children don't read at the age of 3, insane right?! who would have thunk it???!!!

You develop a quick hatred for all things "bully", until you get the dreaded phone call that YOUR perfect child has bullied another kid ... this is when it is a good idea to keep a box of wine handy!! and yes I said box!!! you can blow up the bag and use it as a pillow when you are done :) that tip was for free :)

Then just when you think you have it ALL figured out ... hormones hit .. and what you thought you knew about parenting and your almost perfect child, ha, gets thrown out the window ... pre-teen kids smell badly and their attitudes and lip are just as bad ... and on top of it all you are broke as they go through their growth spurts and can't find any of their possessions in the pig sty they call their room.

Teenage years are for the birds .... honestly this is when  you realise you never knew anything at all and you are the stupidest person your kids know! true story!!

This is when you invest in Kleenex and possibly a hidden spy camera and seriously think about inserting homing location devices under their skin.

The last of you morals (or moral standings you were SURE you would never falter from!!), priorities, judgements, and preconceived ideas are pretty much all flushed down the toilet and you are sitting up late at night, cuz sleep is not even possible, praying that they live through this and you don't send them to juvenile detention camp and yourself to the that special floor of the hospital!!

Then you finally take a sigh of relief at their graduation ceremony, if they managed to make it that far!! some don't and that's OK!!! . and the kleenex isn't from being just proud but from the pent up emotions of worry, angst and turmoil that child has put you through for the last 18 years!!

Some of these young adults move on to college .. and some get married young which causes you to move on to boxes of hard liquor ... just kidding .. maybe :) .... and you can finally sit back and know that all you could do has been done

That is until they call you for money!! lol

and sometimes you get to that stage with your children and then you decide to start the whole process all over again

and that my friends is what I call the definition of insanity and the most amazing love you will ever know ... all wrapped up in to 1!!

 slight difference in energy from the first time I became a mom at 19 to this last one at 40!!!
back in the day circa 2002 ... my 4 beauties

this past Spring ... my 4 beautiful girls and my baby son and my first son in law!!
live is crazy
but it's my life
and I love it ... most of the time ;)


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