Old Mom? it's a state of mind

Yesterday I went to the Vancouver Aquarium with Brahm, one of my sister in laws and her 7 year old son ... it was a nice rainy Vancouver day for the trip :) ... growing up on the West Coast I have to say I love me a rainy soaked day :)

We had such a great time together and loved watching my nephews enthusiasm as he bounced from window to window and listening to him laugh and giggle in the frog exhibit where he could control a video of frogs eating bugs ... he giggled and laughed it was so contagious!!

While we were watching the Penguin show a lady stood close by me with her little boy and Brahm was fussing as he had been doing ALL day .. like he is so seriously spoiled he has so many people to hold him all the time that he has started not cooperating in the stroller ... yah not fun ... anyways the mom said to her son who was obviously VERY interested in the baby to go talk to Brahm as babies love kids .. and sure enough the little boy soon captivated Brahm's attention .. it was really sweet!

The mom asked me ... is this your first? ... I get asked that a lot and I love watching peoples reactions when I say No as a matter of fact this is my 5th child.... she quickly responded oh he is my 5th too .. and so of course how women do who find a similar connection the conversation quickly picked up!! we probably should have moved away from the "show" we were probably a little rude talking, even quietly, when people were trying to listen to the lady talk about the penguins!

This other mom was in her 40's as well ... I didn't ask how far cuz I never want to be asked that same question!!! and her 5th was a bit of a surprise .... then she said to me ... " you look great! the reason I asked if this was your first is because you look so young, I never would have thought you were in your 40's or had grown children" ...


talk about making my day ... she made my MONTH!!

So of course as I started to ponder this I wondered at how much we put ourselves down ... how quickly I critic my dark circles and sagging body parts ...lol .... it's sad but true ... I feel tired and feel like I am too old for all this a lot of the time .. I am so quick to say that very thing in fact " I am too old for this" ... and yet here I am ... apparently I am not too old for this cuz THIS is happening!! and I wouldn't change it for the world!

I am an older mom yes... I have been asked several times now if I am the grandma ... BUT I am asked more times if this is my first ... so from now on I am going to take that as the greatest compliment and the fact that I look young enough that this could be my first ... and I am going to try to stop saying I am too old for this ... cuz I am not ... I am the perfect age for my dear sweet Brahm!!

 OK I know this isn't a good quality picture but this picture makes me laugh as I was zooming in to get a picture of the Octopus and when I looked through my photos I laughed at the grumpy looking fish that has appeared to Photo Bomb my photo!!
Brahm was a Mr Grumpy Pants yesterday .... teething is as much fun as I remember :/

My eternally happy go lucky nephew and his very unhappy spoiled baby cousin!!
pretty much wraps up the general mood for the day!

When I did give in and hold the baby he quickly stopped crying and starting oooohing at all the fish ... I really can't wait to take him back when he is a little older and watch him run around and drive everyone batty :) 

Edited to add : I always seem to think of something else I want to say on the matter .. I know .. ME TALK?? MORE TO SAY??!!! shocking!!! ha ha

the other thing that was really nice about meeting this lady, a random stranger, yet another wonderfully aged mother?! was her having 5 kids too!! sometimes I almost feel apologetic for having so many kids.... it's hard not too at times when people look at you like you are some kind of freak for having produced so many offspring in this day and age ... looks like "why in the world" " what the hell were you thinking" ... my favourite is "you know there's a cure for that" that meaning having so many kids ... yup and yet I know that in a world where miscarriage wasn't a thing I would have had more yes you read that correct ... I would have had more then 5! :) ... and if Paul and I had met when we were younger I bet we would even had more then I ever thought!!! :) I love having SO MANY kids ... even when they drive me bonkers!!! 


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