walk a mile in dad's shoes - a cancer story continues

Dad had his first round of chemo on Thursday ..... I had NO idea that chemo is such a hot topic! so many people have some really strong opinions (yes people are allowed to have them) about chemo .. what is annoying to me and something I am currently hypersensitive too is the fact that most people are coming to these opinions with NO experience of having to face chemo themselves!

what's that saying about walking a mile in someone else's shoes?

I never imagined MY dad would be faced with making the choice of whether to have chemo or not!

When dad was told July 13th that he has stage 4 Mesothelioma we were told that chemo was only 2% successful with this type of cancer so it wasn't even something we were thinking was going to happen. He was also told he had a month to live ... maybe .... since the surgeon is thinking that dad could be a candidate for the HIPEC surgery, (click on the link to see the surgery it's really pretty fascinating) chemo was placed back on the table. He only has to have it 3 times, it's basically a test to see if dad can handle the invasive surgery.

(for all the natural medicine lovers and chemo haters out there ... 1 month is NOT long enough to detox ones body and give any of the many many natural "cures" out there time to work... trust me we have done the research!!! but even still we have dad taking as many of these natural cures as we could get our hands on)

Dad met with his new GP yesterday at the house .. yes this new GP makes house calls gave dad his personal cell phone # and said call or text me at any time ... this new GP is only a few years older then me and went to one of our local high schools, so trippy.. any way he is awesome ... I had to chuckle at his reaction to seeing Brahm .. he said " it has been a LONG time since I have seen a baby with rolls like those!! what a healthy baby, that is the kind of baby we love to see, you need to give some of those rolls to your grandpa baby" ummm yah chubbaluba strikes again :)

The GP said he cannot believe how tough dad is .. dad is only taking some cannabis oil/pills and T3's for pain .. he said most patients are laid flat out after chemo ... dad is amazing! he is feeling nauseous at times and takes meds for that as needed ... but overall dad is doing so good. The Dr told dad again that this surgery is really the only hope (we've heard that many times now) and that he has not heard of a long term cure for this type of cancer (either have we except for a couple of miracles) and for dad #1 priority right now is nutrition and to try to eat as many calories as possible. We have been on a lets fatten dad up mission for a couple of weeks now ... unfortunately since the chemo and then getting drained on Friday and that was a GONG SHOW (this is a whole other post about the state of our BC medical system) .. dad is not very hungry and the waves of being nauseous are not helping. Shannon is busy making 1500 calorie shakes full of raw organic nutrition but getting dad to drink it all is another story!

This week dad has an ultrasound and that's about it .. he can get drained, possibly, if his counts are good, and that's about it .. he has to rest and eat and eat some more.

Being taken care of is hard for dad ... dad has always been more then able and to have to be served is hard for him .. yesterday he had some down emotions and we let him know that is ok, to be expected cuz what he is going through SUCKS like a million times it sucks ... we are so happy to be here for him and love spending all this time with  mom and dad .. and each other this is the longest Shannon and I have spent together since she moved back East almost 20 years ago!!

Dad wanted to go to Steveston on Saturday ... it floored us cuz of all he went through on Friday getting drained and the day before having had had chemo ... but we went .. the drive proved too much for him as the length of the car ride induced more nausea but I love his spirit ... his spirit is amazing .. his faith even greater! it is such an honour to be this man's daughter!

There are many things to be thankful for right now ... 

my family .. really we are quite amazing :) haha .. seriously!! 

the new GP Dr and his level of commitment to getting as much help as dad needs as quick as he can .. including trying to push dad through for this surgery

dad's friend who was my OB.. he continues to be an amazing advocate for dad and just a kind supportive person

the love ... we are so FEELING the love and it's amazing

the prayer support ... honestly it's what's keeping me going

hope ... without hope it makes a heart sick

dad's faith ... and really that in itself is such a testimony!

now I am going to flood you with pictures of my dad, my hero, the grandfather to my children, my mom's best friend and really the strongest pillar of faith I have ever met
I am inspired
I hope you are as well


Jaclyn Jones said…
Your blog and pictures brought tears to my eyes. To see the pictures of your Dad so strong and vibrant and then this disease that just ravages you. I have been sharing with his friends of the GMC community your updates and they are all concerned and pulling for him. He is so fortunate to have you and your sister as his advocate and his loving family supporting him. We miss him and tell him we love him and are thinking of him everyday.
Jackie & Paul
Patricia Ward said…
Your post and pictures moved me to tears. I know you're busy but I if you have a minute would you share what you put into those high calorie smoothies. I have a friend who is trying to recover from the effects of chemo, and needs to gain weight desperately. BTW I'm Tara Robertson's mom.
Lala's world said…
Patricia if you google high calorie natural shakes you should be able to find quite a few recipe's

we used
raw egg
protein powder (natural)
coconut oil
and coconut milk

thank you for taking the time to comment! I wish your friend a speedy recovery ... chemo is so tricky and yet has helped so many!! I pray it works for your friend in the right direction!

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