taking care of dad ... a cancer story continues

Shannon is my hero!

Literally my sister rocks ... she's been at dads side the majority of the time while I am in and out and was more out this week due to a stupid cold that prevented me from being close to dad... that and a 25 pounder of chubbaluba that has me up every hour at nights lately ... SO FUN!! uh hem ... and mom who is holding down the business... my other sisters pop in as they can and clean the house (the cleaning gene skipped shannon and I haha) and sit with mom and it's amazing as we all pull together.

There is not much to do these days but try to force dad to eat ... and he tries to not bring it back up, a lovely side effect to the chemo... I have to keep reminding myself that it means the chemo is doing what it is supposed to do. It is hard to see your strong thriving father struggling and so frail looking.

We sit around with dad as he sleeps most of the time so I bought a puzzle to try to pass the time.

Hailey and Papa working on the puzzle
the view ain't bad eh?!

We have had some hard days when the emotions get to us and the overwhelming fact that dad has cancer screams in our face ... his body is thin, his legs and feet swollen beyond recognition, his once chubby .. yes I said chubby :)  where do you think Brahm and I get it from?! ... face to the thin narrow face looking back at us.

it's hard

Yesterday when Shannon and I were there.. Hailey and I working on the puzzle, baby playing at our side, Shannon sitting on the couch doing work on her laptop.. dad woke up and looked at Shannon then kind of looked around and then said " I just saw an angel " ... he felt someone touch his foot, his left one which has been the one most swollen, and so he looked thinking it was one of us but we weren't near him so he looked again and saw a Golden aura/glow by his feet and he knew it was an Angel!

pretty cool! the rest of the day was a good day ... until last night when he tried to get up to get a bucket and fell and hit his head on his night table producing quite the goose egg ... Shannon woke up every hour to check on him through the night ... today he is quite weak and nauseous ..... so hard to see.

Just got a text now from Shannon .. she has dad at the ER .. dad needs to be drained again and he needs some IV fluids as he is too weak ... got to fly more when I can


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