my dad ... reflecting

Watching and walking this out with my dad has so many "uh ah" moments for me.

Life is so precious

There is no other choice but realize how precious life is. How fast time goes. Making family and real time with people count is huge.

I have always been a talker ... always been one who lets people know how I feel about them... and now I am even more convinced that it is so important to share how we feel about people

Saturday sitting beside my dad while the wind beat down upon the Coast he quietly said to me .... I love you Lise .. and then with tears in his eyes and a quiver in his voice he said .... I am so glad your life is good now ... and he wept a little ... I replied .. me 2 daddy, you know there are consequences to choices and I lived out those consequences for many years and yes now I am blessed indeed.

I love my dad

So many things go through my mind from this little yet deep exchange on Saturday ....

* - my dad is reflecting a lot on things ... this is so normal when faced with ones own immortality! he has gone through his memories making sure that he has forgiven everyone in his life .. he told me a little while ago that the last one he had to forgive was my ex.. and that now he has and he really does wish him well in his life .. ( I can imagine as a parent how hard it would be to forgive the person who has hurt your child so deeply ) ... he has so much time to think about things ... my dad has always been a go go go type man for as long as he can remember so this sitting around all the time is a new and not so welcome change in his life.

It is important to walk in forgiveness .... even in an attitude of forgiveness... doesn't mean you forget, I think it's impossible for us humans to forget but walking in an attitude of choosing to lay things down and being willing to forgive is huge!

My dad has always shown me that example.

I said to him .. dad you raised a strong girl!

so I reflected in that moment ....
I have been through a lot in my life and come to know what a good marriage is and have made better choices as I age :)

looking back I have wished so many times that I had listened to my dad .. he tried to get me to call off my wedding 3 days prior.. but I was too embarrassed, too stubborn ... and I can't fully regret it as I have my amazing wonderful girls but I don't think I will ever forget my dads face as he looked at me seeing things that at the time I did not see and asking me to call it off

and he stood by me all these years, loving and accepting and thrilled with his grand babies .... and he held my heart when it was broken and he held my shoulders when they slumped and he spoke life into me so many times and he walked me down the aisle a second (AND LAST) time with the biggest smile on his face!! and he watches me be happy now .. the sparkle in my eye back after years of it being dimmed .. he looks with love and pride at his newest grand child and is so happy for us

I am so happy that my dad has seen this change in my life!!

from a couple of years ago now ...we need some new family pictures :) 

* - I wonder sometimes why we wait until people have passed to celebrate their lives .. I think I have mentioned that before and I am still stuck on it ... I love how people are meeting with my dad and letting him know one way or the other how much he means to them how he has affected their lives! he loves it too .. he said he really never really thought about it .. they just took people in... not thinking oh I will be a father figure to so and so .. so hearing that he has been has been a highlight for him .. it's touching for all of us!

I am trying to make a point of remembering so many things with my dad ... how he took us camping and made time for us in his very busy work schedule .. how we would play with his hair when he got home putting it in ponies and clips :) he loved it he would lie there and "rest his eyes" .. how I would beg him to sing me to sleep and he would say "I can't sing though" and I remember just loving it  and he would rub our backs and tell us stories of when he was a little boy finding golf balls and jumping ice chucks on the frozen river, how he would ride the bus by himself when he was 6 and pick his mom up from work.. how he was raised by a single mom (his dad died when my dad was only 2 years old).. how he would ask men to come home and meet his mom ... how he felt the first time he saw my mom ... how he instantly loved my sisters ... how he still loves my mom ... how he loves his family .. how he gives so freely of himself ....

my dad is 1 in a million ... and I am so blessed and I pray for a miracle and many more years here on earth with my daddy

my hubby my dad and my son in law


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