1/2 year birthday for the miracle baby

My dad, my hero, with  my baby! only hours old .. I love the way my dad is looking at his new grandson here! my prayer is that my son will have the chance to know how awesome my dad is!

hours old

1 month old ... his legs look so tiny here still :) but well on his way to becoming the chubbaluba he is today!

the cheeks!!

such a happy baby... so smily and full of love!

this is when his chubbalubaness took over ... check out his legs :) also his face changed this month and you can see more of what he looks like now in him

rollie polio ball of chubbaluba goodness

sitting up on his own for the most part he is sliming down ... sort of :) ... and getting so tall now he is currently wearing 18 months clothes .. I can't fit any other size around his thighs!!! I have to roll up the legs on his pants but there is no way a smaller size would fit him around :)

He is 6 months old .. half a year old! how crazy is that? and he weighs 26 pounds!!!
He is the WORSE sleeper!! and this old lady is starting to feel a little looney!! this week I might try letting him cry it out a bit .. I don't know if my heart can take it but 41 and sleep deprived and stressed about my dad makes for a not so good functioning combo!! 
he is cheerful and happy and loves to play peek a boo and doesn't make strange with people too often although it does happen .. he makes this strange sucking in noise that his sisters say sounds like some character off a scary movie :) ... he is ALWAYS making noises... if I had to say what the difference between a boy and a girl baby is so far is the amount of noises he makes .. I know it's been a long time since the girls were this little but I do not remember them making so many noises all.the.time!!!
He is starting to eat "real" food ... cheerios and rice husks and baby cereal as well as some sweet potatoes and pears that I made for him .. he is curious about what we are putting in our mouths and that is usually when I started introducing foods to the girls as well.
It's kind of amazing how much comes naturally when having a baby ... and how much I have forgotten!!
He is teething ... I think :) ... a little crankier these days and he bites hard on things and sometimes pulls at his ears.. I can see little white dots on his gums .. that's teething right?! :) 

His sisters adore him and the feeling is mutual .. he loves to be held and is probably spoiled rotten in that department and why he doesn't sleep at night!!! he also plays really well on his own surrounded by his toys as he smashes them with his fists and makes his haunted house noise and smiles so big at everyone that looks at him that he throws himself backwards :)

He is a JOY!

I can hear him now .. he's awake in my bed, of course, talking and cooing and making his special noise... I am blessed .. extremely tired!!! remember I also have teen girls to contend with!!! haha but blessed all the same!!


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