Fixing Dad - a cancer story

In this day of technology we have so much information right at our fingertips 24/7 .. and now with social media we not only have access to information ourselves but we also have every one else's information at our fingertips 24/7

that's a LOT of information!

My dad has cancer .... if you know ANYTHING about my childhood or Word Faith just saying that out loud has me battling a LOT of emotions and fears ... words are powerful and I get that and I am going to try really hard to not bunny trail off what I think I intend to say here :)

My dad does NOT have cancer because he ate the wrong foods, or because he has a lack of faith or for any other reason then asbestos ... it is not a government conspiracy ... it is not cuz he wasn't healthy or neglected himself or his body wasn't align to the stars in the universe

he breathed it in about 45 years ago

that's it

it sat dormant in his body to what they figure was about a year ago ... my dad fell and broke the top of his femur then he had a couple rounds fighting bronchitis and that was all it took for his body to trigger what had been laying asleep for 45 years ...

I am an avid HGTV channel watcher and Leave it to Bryan is one of my favourite shows ... several times they have come across asbestos on the show and I always felt like it was overkill when they got rid of it .. like really they need to wear hazmat suits? come on SOMEONE is getting rich of this crap!! yup those were my extremely naive uninformed uneducated thoughts .... so so so wrong! 

asbestos is a killer .... it takes a mere dust flake of asbestos to create mesothelioma.

 Mesothelioma is an aggressive cancer affecting the membrane lining of the lungs and abdomen. Malignant mesothelioma is the most serious of all asbestos-related diseases. Exposure to asbestos is the primary cause and risk factor for mesothelioma

My dad does not have it in his lungs ... only 1 out of 7 cases are not in the lungs and so we are thankful that it is not the case for dad.

When the word cancer was spoken it was like my brain went into overdrive to FIND a cure, I HAD TO FIX MY DAD... surely there has to be a natural cure out there for this in today's age ... my sister Shash and I went to work ... gathering as much information as we could as quickly as possible .. there is much information to be gathered and I am not saying to do that is wrong ... knowledge is power ... I keep hearing that old NBC jingle in my head remember when they did those little "the more you know" blurbs on Saturday morning cartoons .. oh bunny trail....

Very quickly we were overwhelmed .. there are so many claims out there that THIS plant or THIS fruit or THIS oil or THIS drink CURES CANCER .... I am not saying they don't haven't or won't by the way, just stating that the information is massive, daunting and completely overwhelming. The conspiracy theories also are endless ... there is a cure out there and "THEY" are keeping it from us ... a ton of fear mongering from the natural holistic side of things, just saying!!!

As a society I do think we eat too much crap fast food GMO filled garbage ... so I am not disputing that either .. 

We need to be responsible for what we intentionally put into our bodies ... notice the word intentionally!!

We have our dad on many tinctures, drinks, oils and drops ... like MANY ... too many to list here ... we went into overdrive to FIX our dad .. we were going to use that magic stuff to CURE our dad ... and then the thoughts kept coming 

what if I missed something
what if there is something else out there we should be using

It's been keeping me up at nights

I don't want to miss a thing (ok anyone else instantly hear Aerosmith?...crap bunny trail)

The fact is we have been trying to detox dad's body in a few weeks and that's a process that takes MONTHS to do ... and now that dad is going to be doing chemo we need to fatten him up, like a daunting 3,000 calories per day challenge and dad doesn't have much of an appetite so it's a real challenge! We have been putting a lot of pressure on ourselves to do the right thing for dad.

Then there is the big gigantic fear of chemo .... chemo is bad it's what really kills cancer patients it's a conspiracy that "they" have come up with to fool us .... yup you name it I have thought of it

SO what is the truth? truth is teeny tiny babies get cancer ...  old people get cancer....healthy people get cancer ... unhealthy people get cancer ..  .. positive people get cancer ... negative people get cancer ... people who work/worked with dangerous chemicals get cancer .. people who have never worked with dangerous chemicals get cancer ... good people get cancer .. bad people get cancer 

cancer happens

Some people beat it .... some people don't 

I also believe in the power of prayer .... I am believing that God's Word is true and He paid the price on the cross .. I also am aware that other's have believed the same thing and they didn't get their miracle here on earth .. the beautiful thing is we know where we are going and so death really doesn't sting .. it SUCKS ASS not going to lie and no one wants to lose a loved one early in their lives ... but we know that it's not a goodbye it's an, until we meet again, scenario

Daily I talk myself off the ledge ... I stand on what I know ... read the devotions my lovely Auntie K sends me :) I speak the Word over my dad ... we feed him the tinctures and fruits and plants and organic everythings and even trying to shove cake and pie down him to fatten him up... AND we will take care of him while he goes through Chemo, trusting that this is how mom and dad feel led to go... we can't cure cancer .... but we will be there, love each other, be kind to each other (dad's trying but he's a bit grumpy these days with all the sitting around and being weak, tired and in pain and frustrated with long appointments where you spend a LOT of time sitting in waiting rooms) and we pray ... we pray a LOT!

When you have the BEST dad in the whole entire world you want to do everything you can everything that is in your power to FIX him 

knowing you can't

that's tough

but I am glad I know the One who can!!!


Becky said…
Lisa, you have such a wonderfully balanced approach to everything you're going through. May the Lord give you so much peace and comfort as you continue to journey along supporting your Dad. xo

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