I am sitting at my parents house ... here to help dad ... the list of things we have him on is pretty daunting! we are trying to get as many nutrients into his body as we can as fast as we can ... we are trying to get his body alkaline as cancer does not like an alkaline environment ... I am learning so much and learning that I need to be kinder to my body ... I am not sure now is the right time to make drastic changes as my brain is quite full at the moment BUT I know that it needs to be done... I was weighed at my dr appointment this past week and it wasn't pretty!

yes I know I just had a baby ... but the JUST part is getting a little further away each day!

I am not doing too badly and pretty sure I am almost down to my pre-pregnancy weight but I saw the scale ... I need to lose 20-25 pounds!

anyways that's not what I wanted to document

I want to document this journey

We went for dinner for my birthday with my parents June 19 ... he told us then that he saw the Dr that day about a hernia he just got that week and he needs to see a surgeon ... (in all this we heard from that surgeon and the earliest they can fit dad in is OCTOBER!! ) ... then the next morning our family friend and my OB/GYN saw dad and told him he should go in to the ER as dad was in a lot of pain ... so dad went in ... they did a cat scan and at that time saw that dad has a golf ball sized growth on his liver and had a mass in his colon ... dads mom died at 78 years old from liver cancer and his only sibling, his brother, died at 69 years old of colon/rectal cancer .... so fair to say panic set in .. this was June 20th

He got in to see the surgeon on the following Monday and was told that he needs to have a colonoscopy .... by this time we were all at a bit of alarm .... dad had been loosing weight and yet his stomach had not been going down .. he contributed it to all the work he had been doing on his house and so was happy that he had been loosing some weight. This past winter dad had severe bronchitis 2 times and both required antibiotics .. I think you could count on your hands how many times dad has had antibiotics .. besides hay fever and bronchitis/asthma dad has been extremely healthy... then about 2 months ago dad developed an infection in his blood stream and his elbow popped out like a baseball ... now we know why but at the time he thought maybe he had a spider bite or got a cedar sliver.. he was on iv antibiotics for a week ..

Dad went in June 25th for the "double" a colonoscopy and whatever they call that procedure where they go down your throat ... they also took a chest Xray ... the mass that they had seen in the cat scan in his colon was GONE! like not a trace and his colon was completely clear .. an answer to prayer ... and they did see some damage in his oesophagus due to having pretty bad acid reflex.

Monday the 29th dad saw the surgeon and for the first time we heard the word cancer

At that time they saw from the xray the tumours in dads abdomen but were unsure what the source was...more tests were needed ... as well by this time his abdomen had grown so much that dad was very uncomfortable and in pain ... this is when our research took over and my sister in Ontario started to check into flights to come out ... July 2 dad had his abdomen drained and at the same time they took 4 biopsy's of the tumours ... they drained 10.5 litres which is pretty unprecedented ...4-5 litres is considered normal.

We went on holiday together to the Oregon Coast from July 6 to the 12th (mom and dad drove themselves back on the 10th)... it was so amazing to just BE together... one evening my sister and I sat on the beach watching our kids play football together and we both cried (well we've done a lot of crying) and I said " look at what dad did.. these kids are here because of 1 man...what a legacy dad has" Dad has 4 daughters, 13 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren

Monday July 13th dad met with the surgeon again and we received the official diagnosis Peritoneal Mesothelioma ... cancer from Asbestos exposure. TOTAL SHOCK - dad was an architect/design consultant .. in the 60's & 70's dad was on site at many reno's of old homes and commercial buildings ... no one wore a mask!

Tuesday the 14th we met dad's Oncologist ... basically we are still in super shock and disbelief ... the Dr talked a lot about dad having a WCB claim like most of our time with him was about making a WCB claim .. he briefly talked chemo .. and then he mentioned a surgery that only 1 Dr does in Vancouver where she removes as much of the tumours as she can and injects chemo directly into what she cannot .. He told us she is VERY picky about who she sees and there are strict guidelines and there might not even be enough time at any rate.. he wasn't very positive to say the least ... my sister finally got the Dr to tell us a timeline .. he said, maybe a month... my reaction when I heard that (I had to leave the room as the baby was fussing so I waited in the waiting area) was to say "well ain't that a kick in the teeth" .... yah I am classy.

How in the world does my dad have a month ... I have had to have a few conversations with God about this!

and then people rallied

it's been so amazing at the love pouring in ... the words of encouragement and some Faith filled people speaking life over dad

my dad wants to live

he wants 19 more years ... that is what he is believing for!

he wants NO negativity only the Word being sung and spoken over him

July 15th dad's abdomen had grown so much that the pain was extremely bad ... so he went in to the ER to be drained again this time they drained 8.3 litres still double then whats normal ... the problem with being drained is it also takes out cells and protein that the Dr's have said cannot be replaced .... but to live with it is too much ... it's a catch 22 ..... the tumours are weeping that is what is the source of the fluid build up

on the 16th the next afternoon we finally saw our family Dr ... he was gentle and kind and said "this is shitty" ... yup .... he talked about when dad was ready to go to the hospital or let him know and they will start with palative care ... in BC palative care is in place when you have been given less then 6 months to live. He told us that the surgery we were told about was dad's only hope save God ... he said this is a nasty nasty disease, yah tell me something we don't know....and that he only has seen 3 cases in his entire career. We asked about some alternative choices ... he told us rather frankly that every patient with severe cancer that had flown all over the world and gone different routes, all died anyways ... he told us what we are doing is good and to keep doing it and to hope for this surgery and for us to remember there is no cure but only a prolonging ... he told me after my parents walked out of the room that it will be quick how sorry he is and to keep him posted and bring dad in whenever we need.

God we need a miracle ... right about now people praying for a miracle of finding a deal on a car or a great parking spot has my head spinning .. this is a real miracle and if anyone 'deserves" it ... it's my dad.

that afternoon dad told my sister that he needed a sign ... some little hope to keep in mind ...

that evening we heard from the oncologist .. the surgeon in Vancouver is on holidays but she responded to dads file and says she wants to see him ... like goosebumps or what ... for us it came at the right time to lift our spirits and feed our Faith more ...

so now dad has to have more tests and another cat scan and sees the oncologist on the 27th ... until then he meets with WCB ... and a naturalpath ... and we continue to do what we have been doing since before the word cancer was spoken

we pray
we believe that God has already done it by sending His son to die on the cross for ALL of our sins and ALL of our diseases
we stand for 19 more years for dad
we speak TRUTH over dad .... this is what dad says " so it's true that I have been diagnosed with cancer, I don't deny that it is true BUT the TRUTH of the matter is that by His stripes I was healed.. so what is true can never change what is the TRUTH but the TRUTH can always change was is true"

see? incredible Faith .. I am in awe of my dad

we are reading the words that are coming in ... the prayers the beliefs and the TRUTH

The peace that passes understanding has surely made camp over my dads house!


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