being Random

Lately I have been trying to force myself ... yes I have to FORCE myself ... to keep somewhat of a schedule..

hello my name is Lise and I am a random person

like I mean RANDOM!

I naturally do not keep myself scheduled... I rely on things like work and school to keep me going otherwise I tend to move in random patterns with very little time management skills!! I have always known this about myself and since I have been at home with the baby trying to manage my life of teen bliss .. cough cough sputter sputter ... I have been a little too random even for my own liking!

I had to make a few changes

Netflix is my current huge distraction!!! so I have had to limit myself, even banning myself for a few days!

I am a creative person and I find that when I haven't been creative... crocheting, painting or sewing ... then I feel it and miss doing something I so enjoy!

It's not like I have been a slug.. I mean having a baby is a full time job! and then the girls and running them to where they have to be and all that fun taxi driver stuff ... making them meals that 1 in particular loves to complain about .. that's getting old real fast!! (total side note but when their dad married a gourmet cook.. like we are talking she made it on a cooking competition TV show kind of quality cook ... she has complained about my cooking .. I can cook..not TV worthy but I am no chump in the kitchen and last week she took one bite of my black bean stir fry and said "this is absolutely disgusting" ... I kind of blew my top .. that was it I had had enough!! I made it very clear that she could either eat cereal the rest of her life or she could start cooking dinner every night and I would so enjoy telling her how disgusting her food was every single night... but NO more telling me my very good food was disgusting... she ate it and hasn't said a peep since!! why didn't I say that years ago??!!)

SOOOO back to what I was saying ...see??? RANDOM alert!! ha

I have been making a conscious choice to NOT turn the TV on first thing in the morning .. I have my coffee in the quiet of downstairs ... ok you know I am totally surfing Facebook and playing Yahtzee on my phone BUT ... I am not watching time sucking Netflix... I can walk away from Yahtzee (or take it with me to the bathroom sorry TMI) ... I need to start moving more .. getting outside for walks and making some effort to getting the baby weight off .. I can wear most of my clothes  but my favourite boyfriend jeans are painful to wear .. and I mean painful I keep trying to wear them but after an hour of cutting into my gut I have to take them off!! I am a sucker for punishment haha

so last week I sewed a Lala Bag .... repurposing old jeans into bags is one of my favourite things to sew ... a lady in walmart stopped me the other day to ask me about  my bag .. if I had made it to which of course I said proudly yes I did .. she said I think you have a little business there cuz that is amazing ... but I don't want to HAVE to make them .. I love enjoying making them!!

and since my mom gave me a pile of her old jeans it looks like I will be making more bags this summer!

I also love painting .. it's one of the few things that I can do and shut my brain off ... I wish I was better at it .. that what I see in my mind I could easily put on the canvas but maybe with more time and practice and lessons/courses that will one day happen... I wanted to do a keepsake of Brahm's feet and I have left it a bit longer then I wanted but yah time goes too fast ... so I enlisted my 15 year old to help me as I knew it would be a challenge.. and I was right!! paint everywhere that ended with the baby in the kitchen sink getting washed off :) they are not perfect prints and I may try it again this summer... I didn't know what to do for the background and so tried to do a version of his birth month flowers ... at least I got the color right!! haha

and with all my trying to be scheduled and to be creative and not get sucked into Netflix this past week 

this happened

my incredibly beautiful baby girl finished Elementary School!!!

yup my baby has 3 days left of grade 7

and I can't help myself but realize that I was almost there... the light at the end of the school tunnel was there in front of me 

and I started ALL over again!!

I will have done 38 consecutive years of school when Brahm graduates

major face palm


(and crazy and a whole lot of wonderful) 


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