mom2summit review 1.1

Last week was my very first #mom2summit which was my very first blogging conference ever!! I was super excited and nervous to attend! I was super excited cuz my sister was going and spending time with her is cherished as we live on opposite sides of the Country :( .... so we don't get much time together and she hadn't met the chubbaluba yet!!

that was a great moment!!

I really  had no idea what to expect at the conference ... I have attended a lot of retreats before but nothing this size or this professional! the thought that was on replay in my mind was "who am I"

In the bloggers world I am a nobody ... even though I have been blogging for over 10 years I have never done it for money or to represent anyone besides myself. When I initially started blogging I had a few followers and more comments and I spent a lot of time reading other blogs leaving comments and meeting some neat diverse people. I was quickly gaining traffic and loving every second of it ... then we moved and my ex got sick and my world really started to cave in on me ... my blog then became therapeutic and a place where I could vent and pour my heart out ... then I got divorced and the backlash about my blog and being "out there" and "public" put a huge sensor on me and it took me a long time to recover myself and not give a damn!

Here I am several years later finding myself at home with a new baby and in a very unique place of life. 

This nobody is currently 40 years old, I am a mom to a married adult daughter!!! (I was 5 months pregnant at her wedding!) I am a mom to 3 teen girls (16,15 &13) who live full time with me and my hubby, their step-dad, and I am a mom to a 3 month old baby boy aka "the chubbaluba" ... I recognize that THIS life of mine ... it is unique! I have been raising kids for 21 years and I have a LOT longer to go!! ok I just choked on my coffee, gets me every time! I will  have spent 38 consecutive years being a parent of a child in school!! that is a lot of years!! ok I am choking again! gah ... I have a perspective that is very unique and I have a voice (ok understatement of the century!! HA) ... and I plan to keep using it!

What I learned overall from the #mom2summit were some tools to help me get there ... I am not really sure where there is and as I still have a great deal of baby brain going on I have NO idea how long it will take for me to get there :) ... I am motivated and I am excited about how this will all evolve!

I met some incredible people!! I love people and know that if I was asked what my passion is ... it's people!! I hope to do more blog posts dedicated to the women that I met soon ... and by soon with a 3 month old and house full of teens "soon" is open to interpretation!!

This lovely lady Elan gave me a huge gift ... she gave me her massage that she received for being a speaker at the summit ... my shoulders are ALWAYS sore from heaving the chubbaluba around and she saw that I was sore and told me she was giving it to me .. she had just met me ... like moments before... I was so touched and felt the camaraderie of women and felt incredibly blessed! the massage was AWESOME by the way! the Spa at the Phoenician was so tranquil and luxurious!! just what this tired sore momma needed!! and they were great as I forgot the gift card back at our hotel (11 miles away) and they allowed me to still use it and just call the number off the gift card back in that night!! soo thankful they did that for me I felt like a giant dork and my baby brain was out to get me!

It was also so great to meet up with Susan again from 5 Minutes for Mom ... we are practically neighbours and have to fly all the way to Phoenix to see each other!! Susan is awesome! I love spending time with this energetic fun woman!!

ok  more to come later ... it's costco time and as I am still nursing that means I am constantly eating!! which reminds me .. the food at the summit was so yummy and as someone in the biz and a caterer in my other life ... I appreciate great food and I am not so easy to please! loved all the options, especially the salad topping variety! and it was fresh and tasty and that is important and with a crowd that size ... I was impressed cuz that is NOT easy to do!!! well done Phoenician!! 


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