Lala's RV camping guide to survival

When I became a single mom to 4 girls several years ago now I made the decision to BE PRESENT... well as much as I could! I was busy working my butt off as I was left with the financial responsibilities as well as the girls full time .. but I knew that I really didn't have that many years with my girls before they didn't want to vacation with me!

I was fortunate enough for my parents to let me use their 1977 GMC motorhome ... they bought a 2nd RV and let me use this one at my disposal... it is now officially mine (ok not 100% but close enough!!) and so my dad taught me to drive it...totally scary at first as I felt every inch of the 26' on the highway!! and after 1 trial camping weekend WITH my parents I was off on my own!

The pics here are from one of my trips to Oregon with the girls and some extra's (my friends kids) summer of 2012 .. I was determined to take my kids every summer but last summer the bank just did not allow for it and being pregnant in a high risk pregnancy as well ... it just didn't pan out!

Cape Kiwanda is a fantastic location and very kid/teen friendly!! we are all really excited about going again this year! and with a TON of my hubby's family! should be a great time!!

My list for my survival guide to RV camping with a whack load of kids on your own (I have never gone camping to Oregon with my hubby... it's his busy season at work and is unable to take time off in the summer)

WINE .... have lots of wine... Beer works too!!
Fresh fruit .. it gets HOT and I love that my kids love fruit and they eat a ton of it!
Activities ... I buy a bunch of paints and yarn for the girls to make friendship bracelets with .. they don't make bracelets any other time so it holds a special memory for them... painting we do once in a while at home but it's a great thing for them to do on the picnic tables to unwind.
Sunscreen .. I know DUH but it's windy where we go and so you don't always notice how hot it is ... and my kids burn! we go through a lot of suntan lotion.. I love the spray on kind so they can easily cover each other!
Boogie Boards ... hours of fun even my youngest daughter who has a real deep fear of sharks will go in and boogie board ... for a little while at least!! and they fit nicely in the pods on top of the RV.

did I mention Wine?!

handy appliances - I love my morning cup of joe as well and so am thankful that I can take my coffee maker and my girls know DON'T ASK MOM ANYTHING BEFORE COFFEE!!! I have taught them well!! Crock pots also come in handy when camping and of course making a meal plan for the week ensures all the food gets used up and there is NO guessing involved! 

Speakers ... good music is just always necessary! I love Songza and enjoy several of their playlists .. my favourites are "Classic Rock Summer", "Mom-Jean Jams" & "More Timeless Pop-Rock Hits" 
Books ... I am an avid reader... ok I WAS an avid reader!!!! I haven't picked up a book since the baby was born and I am pretty sure there won't be much reading this summer camping with the baby either!! 

speaking of the baby

I am a little overwhelmed of thinking what to bring for the baby on this trip ... playpen, stroller, toys.... I am wondering if I should buy a small tent as a covering for him for the beach? he is soooo fair and sunscreen is not safe for babies under 6 months and he will only be 5 months and I would just rather keep him out of the sun all together ... any suggestions of what tent/umbrellas to buy would be great!!

I am so excited to be going back to the Cape... the girls and I LOVE the tax free shopping in Oregon and the beach is so amazing and this year the company (hubby's family) is going to be awesome as well!! making the time to BE present with my kids .. making these memories... it's so important!!
I can't believe how much they have grown since this trip!! 


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