I get it now

Tomorrow is my hubbies birthday.... if you are a reader of my blog or know me in person you will know how much I LOVE this man! 
and together
we made this perfect little boy!

 I love watching my husband with Brahm ... it makes it ALL worth it!! 
I love watching my girls with the baby as well ... BEST BIRTHCONTROL EVER!!! if you have a house of teen girls like I have a house FULL of teen girls having your OWN baby is much better then raising a grandchild ... just my opinion :) 

My hubby didn't quite know what to expect.. having a baby that is ... I mean sure he is the uncle to 21 nieces and nephews and a whopping, and growing, 23 great nephews and great nieces ... he is no stranger to what it means to have a baby and loves to be surrounded by kids ... his family has taken on the verse "Be fruitful and multiply" literally!! (Paul is the 2nd youngest of 7, so his parents have 22 grandchildren and 23 great grandchildren with a 24th due in August and I am sure more soon to follow!!)

But to have your own ... it is different!

Brahm loves his Pup (aka daddy) ... and Pup loves to come hold and be with his son!
I love it all

Paul waited 43 years to become a father! something he all together wondered would ever happen. He was 41 when I first met him almost 3 years ago now .. a bachelor, much to my shock... how in the world was this guy not taken boggles my mind and I am forever thankful that he wasn't! He was the answer to a prayer in truth I was afraid to pray... an answer I didn't believe existed.

Deciding to take not only ME on hehehe he took on willingly my 4 daughters ... and even though I COULD have more kids I let him know that didn't mean I WOULD!

and then one day I saw Brahm... in my mind I saw this little blonde boy looking at me around the corner of a wall .. kind of peeking at me ... and I knew instantly that there was a little boy waiting for Paul and I. 

2 miscarriages later and I thought maybe I saw wrong ... I have a history of miscarriages (read back on my posts) and then adding our age the odds were stacked against us .. and then just when we laid it all down and decided "not now", Brahm was on his way.

Paul is looking forward to when Brahm is older and more interactive .. something I think most men feel! He is excited to do father/son things together with this little miracle boy! He is an amazing father! he gladly walks Brahm to sleep at night, pacing the room and making the cutest dance moves (and if you know Paul that is not something he normally does)... he is patient when the baby is fussy and is quick to google something to answer questions he has about how Brahm is doing!

The other day we were shopping in preparation for my trip to #mom2summit and Paul was pushing the cart through the store and talking to Brahm .. when he looked at me and said " I get it now" ... I asked what he meant and so he clarified that he had watched people ooo and ahhhh over their babies before and wondered how they could be so enthralled, yes it was a baby but yah big deal there are lots of babies, and now he looks at his son ... and he gets it!!

and that is why this 40 year old with a house full of teen girls and a married adult daughter, who (me) doesn't do pregnant well ... decided to trust the vision of that little boy and make the man of her dreams a father!

(sorry for the bad quality .. one day soon we need to get some professional shots all together!)


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