I am NOT a stalker .. well maybe a tad!! #mom2summit

#Mom2Summit review cont'd .... Part of the great thing about blogging conferences is the SWAG .. every woman loves some good swag!! the Brands there did not disappoint!! to top it off I won a couple of things in addition!!

I won an area rug from Mohawk Flooring ... a SmartStrand forever clean carpet "Our superior worry-free fiber now repels liquids, making it the toughest, easiest to clean carpet on the planet." um hello if you have ever seen my carpet you would know I NEED THIS CARPET in my house!! soooo super excited!! especially with the baby and all the time he spends on the floor .. no way to sugar coat that he is baby#5 it is what it is!! I also have an almost 13 year old that is like an elephant in a china shop ... clumsy is her middle name! so this carpet will definitely be put to the test!! the 2 ladies that represented the company at the summit Sarah and Mollie were so friendly, it was so great to meet some new incredible people!! my sister and I ended up sitting at the table with them for the Isis Awards and so got to know them even more and Sarah told me how her mom had her at 40 and how amazing it was for her ... words every 40 year old woman who has had a baby and every single day questions her sanity levels needs to hear! it was pretty serendipitous to say the least! Mollie was so missing her little baby that she was all over cuddling Mr Chubbaluba and my arms and back were thankful for the break :)  I will definitely post pictures and more on my carpet when I receive it and it gets tested by my crazy family :)

ok I apologize for the sucky picture ... my baby has a cold since coming home from the trip and so sleep is something in short supply here so this is as good as it's going to get right now .. keeping it real :) .... Kinsa had a great engagement strategy by having us share what our #kidsaregross stories ... the top gross stories would win a new ear thermometer coming out this Fall ... mine was one of the really gross stories that won and if my girls find out I shared this ... they won't be too happy!! I love the thermometers that they they gave out there for participating with them... with a new baby I am finding so many incredible things to make moms lives easier and I NEED EASIER!!! this smart phone app thermometer is totally one of them! I love that it tracks your temperatures cuz when you are in a sleep deprived haze it is easy to forget and lose track of when you gave the meds.. this does all that for you and much more! I am super excited about this!! thank you Kinsa!!! 

Ever meet someone and instantly feel connected to them .. like they are YOUR kind of people?! I don't think it happens every day .. at least it doesn't for me but I love it when it does happen!! I met a lot of people because they know my sister .. and yes so many times that week it felt like I was right back in high school walking in my sisters "social butterfly" shadow!! it's ok my therapist tells me to look myself in the mirror and say "Gosh Darnit people like me" ... anyways one of the first friends of my sisters that I met was Christine ... and I instantly liked her. She just has this genuine vibe that I love. She is funny and real and personal and I can't wait to cyber stock her .. I mean get to know her better!

We kept bumping into Marisa from AdventuresofTampaMama .. like literally we were were walking around with my massive "jogging" stroller which I chuckle at cuz this momma does NOT jog I barely walk but I love the stroller but now that I saw the NEW stroller that Saftey 1st has put out .. I am in full on covet mode! (my current stroller is also Saftey 1st) I have a little video of my opening and closing the stroller one handed while holding my 20 pound chubbaluba and it's a piece of cake!! seriously is THE must have stroller of 2015!!  anyway back from my bunny trail .. Marisa was so great .. again just a real person and so friendly and it was such a pleasure to meet her as well!! I am already stocking her on instagram :) That is Nolie peeking out from behind my giant noggin ... she is as real as they come and not only did she help me to track down my sister Friday morning :) and sit by the pool and cook with us ... she is just a really great lady and I am so glad to have met her as well! 

I can hear my baby coughing :( so it's time to go for now.. I take all these experiences and all these incredible women that I met with me and love that my world has expanded that much more!!


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