re-branding myself

I feel the need to rebrand myself ... what is a brand in the first place you ask?..... ummmm I am not really sure lol ... 
I am me ... 
lala ... 
been lala for as long as I can remember .. 
I speak my mind when asked and when asked not too :) 

I have been blogging albeit irregularly since 2006 .. I started because a friend of mine was blogging and I instantly became addicted and I use the word addicted intentionally! 

I can get a wee bit obsessive with things! 

I have spent hours trying to be clever, trying to grab some attention out there in the blogging world and eventually starting using this space as an online journal recording my perspective on things. I have spent even more hours thinking of things that I feel would make amazing posts...but most don't make it here as in the "real" world I have been busy surviving and working.

At times this blog has landed me in hot water. At times it has been extremely therapeutic for me. At times I have received some very hateful comments and I have received some amazing encouraging ones as well.

Now that my journey has led me to being at home for a time with my baby son I would like to spend some time reacquainting myself with the blogging world.

Attending the mom2summit conference later this month is a great place to start that!!

I am looking forward to seeing what I will learn and just where Lala's World will go!!

I really need to learn to type faster cuz baby needs momma and I got to go!


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