GIVE ME THE COOKIE .... please

I didn't really have any cravings during my pregnancy ... actually through any of them really! but since my little not so little baby has been born I have been actively craving SUGAR and CARBS, in particular I have been craving chocolate.. .at night! and not just 1 piece but a whole lot .. like I can't stop thinking about it and I can't stop at just 1 delicious fresh warm homemade chocolate chip cookie!!

If I had a free wish from a genie in a bottle it would be that I could eat whatever I want and never gain a pound from my indulgence!!

reality is not quite so Disney!

My whole life I have looked at my body with a tainted view. I have resented my curves and the fact that while I was a size 12 my sisters were size 2 if that ... I wanted to see what they saw when they looked in the mirror .. tiny.... it took me years to come to grips that that was just NOT my reality.

I know from just being alive in today's world that I am so not alone in this! us women have faced an onslaught of perceived body image ideals at every turn.... from being suppressed at home in the 50's/60's with NO voice, to burning our Bra's in the 70's, and working 9-5 in the 80's, the 90's and into the new millennium has left us trying to burn the fat away and eat what the hollywood stars have personal chefs create for them and still manage our homes our careers and look like we could grace the cover of a magazine all at the same time.

I don't know about you but I am exhausted!!

There is a trend of trying to be happy in our own skin and change our language to we just want to be "healthy"and I do think that is good and a step in the right direction but have we really arrived?

Have we taught this next generation to LOVE their body?

Just because a teenage girl puts their body on display doesn't mean they LOVE their body?!

One of my teenage girls was recently at a concert and an incident happened that I may or may not expand on later... depends on what comes out of the place looking into my complaint!!... but she found herself in the first aid room and one of the attendants said to my impressionable teen daughter ..."thank  you for being proof that you don't have to be old to have cellulite" ... I don't think I have to say that had nothing to do with anything but being mean as the comment clearly shows that!! it was mean uncalled for bullish and completely inappropriate!!! What a grown woman in that position said to my daughter is infuriating and trust me I have called a complaint in ..... the words are said, witnesses heard it and the contempt in which it was said even more condemning!!!

How are we going to teach this generation to love their bodies when their mothers don't? and when we have women placed in positions of authority who can freely make comments like my daughter received?

maybe we are not as close as we would like to think?

more to come ... baby calls!! :)


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