week 35

Honestly if I remembered what the 3rd trimester felt like .... I don't know if I would be here :)

My hubby said to me yesterday for the umpteenth time ... I can't wait for you to have the baby so I don't have to listen to you constantly state whats wrong with you!!

um yah... I am vocal aka I whine :)

Since my hubby worked in Agriculture and milking cows and on dairy farms .. he has helped birth a fair share of cows!! he has never seen a woman give birth as he has no children of his own and he is not so sure what to expect... yesterday as I put my very swollen feet/ankles on his lap he said " cows legs do the same before they give birth" ... he is just giving me a hard time... it's awesome being compared to a cow!! hahaha

I am pretty much done work .. probably will still have some phone calls and help with a few things here and there but over all... I am done :) .... I am looking forward to "nesting" and getting things ready and being able to give some attention to  my house organizational wise that I haven't had the energy for. The next couple of weeks seemed pretty full of appointments already, either for me or for the girls, so I know I won't be bored .. not yet :)

I am wanting to compile some easy to make dinner/school lunch recipes as well as I don't have the freezer space to pre-make a bunch of meals.... and we are definitely going on a budget!! I am so thankful for Canada's social programs and that I am able to take a year off ... although my parents informed me they have already booked their next trip early fall so I won't be getting a full year off off ... maternity leave works out to be about 55% of your wages... so again so grateful it's there but 55% is a HUGE cut for our family. So we will have to be creative and definitely be cutting way way way back!! I am thankful that the girls have some shifts at the restaurant... a little spending money in their own pockets is less pressure for me and Paul!

Between being home to make sure I cook and don't eat out... eating out is one of my favourite things to do!... and being able to keep more of an eye on those teen girls of mine :) ... I am sure my days will be pretty full!! It's been a LONG time since I had a baby and so I am sure it will take some time to find the rhythm and pace of life with a new baby again as well! Hopefully sometime soon we will also get approved to the next level of our immigration and I can begin purging and packing up the townhouse! I am so hoping and praying that we can find a BIG house to rent .... the 2 girls sharing a room... well it's interesting and causing more drama/damage then it's worth! but we don't have the choice here .... so hopefully when we move we all can have our own bedrooms!!

Life certainly looks so much different then I ever could have imagined it!! looking back over the past 5 years it's a little surreal at times!! I am pretty sure that this year holds the biggest changes yet with baby coming and moving hopefully! have to say ... I am blessed!


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