24 weeks ... the nesting has begun

The technology today... is mind bending!! our first 3D ultrasound was SOOOO amazing!! everything they can see and tell from an ultrasound today compared to 12 years ago..blows my mind!

They listen and measure the cord blood and the flow of the placenta... they listen to my heart and at one point I wasn't sure what he was looking at so when I asked him he said he was measuring how my body is handling the pregnancy ... sooooo amazing!!! .. it's doing pretty good by the way! He did mention that it's time for my blood sugar level test/glucose test... and told me that our little guy is a big baby... at 23w3d he was measuring 25w head and body wise and weighs (again totally blows my mind that they can tell how much he weighs in utero!) 1lb 12oz ... which again is over 25w size.... so he looked at me and then at Paul and said "I don't think this is a sugar related thing.. I think this is a genetic thing, you are going to have a very big baby" ... I think my entire body CLENCHED thinking about birthing such a big baby :) 

My girls were no small fries ... Morgan was 7.8 born 10 days early, Emily was 8.6 born 12 days early, Hailey was 7.3 born 21 days early and Faith was 7.1 born 14 days early .... if I was to have them on their due dates they would have been much bigger...cept for Faith of course and if you ever read my birth story with her you would know the placenta was quite damaged and unhealthy and they figure she was loosing weight in utero and would have been a much bigger baby if everything had been healthy...she truly is a miracle baby!

I already knew that they would be inducing me by Feb 16... Feb 23 is my technical due date but they told me they don't let my age group go to 40 weeks...my Dr wasn't really worried that I actually would as the closest I ever got to my due date was 10 days!! but knowing now that he is such a big baby... I have NO idea when they will let me go until and I guess only time will tell!

Feeling wise .. I am ok... soo tired and caught in the need to nap stage that I am not sure will go away for the next 5-10 years!! and yet if I nap too long I have a hard time getting to sleep at night and if I don't nap I can barely stay away past 8:30 and then I have a few weird rashes and fun stuff like that that keeps me up at night .. and now the stomach muscles .. they be pulling .. last night was a bad night and my sides were hurting quite badly and I just could NOT get comfy! I ended up getting up before 3am and having a bath to try to relax my jumpy legs and sore muscles...when I got back to bed my amazing hubby gave me a back rub, he truly is the most amazing man EVER!! ... and I finally slept soundly... totally had strange dreams but at least I was deep asleep! ... my little man loves to kick my bladder ... so yah that's a great feeling hahaha ... and is active most of the day now. Being 24w they consider it Vday .. I never heard that expression when I had the girls but apparently 24 weeks is when they consider babies Viable to be born and have a good survival rate ... so I am at that point as of today and as every day passes I feel more and more relaxed and less freaked that I will lose the baby.

My "nesting" feelings have kicked in ... which anyone who knows me will be like OH THANK GOD ... yah I am NOT normally so organized and I have a hard time throwing things away!! so yeah NOT a hoarder :) but definitely some tendencies to not throw things away cuz I might use them ...someday ... so yah ... I cleaned out my junk drawers in my room and made room for the playpen which we bought on Saturday and cleaned off some shelves so I could put the things I have already been acquiring for Baby H away! my room feels amazing to be so clean and organized and now it's like everywhere else I go in the house is screaming at me to CLEAN ME ORGANIZE ME THROW ME OUT ... so it's a good thing!! especially since we are planning to move to the States this summer, God willing, which means I have a townhouse to sell...and well ... it needs some TLC ... and I may  have a girl or 2 that like to hold on to things as well :) .... so my need to nest and organize is amazing timing!! things need to be purged cleaned out and organized...as well as flooring replaced and walls painted and some little repairs here and there ... LOTS to keep us busy the next several months and help time pass a little quicker cuz really I am just aching for it to be Feb already :)

my little creepy yet so funny Halloween costume this year!! I have never had so many comments from a costume before :) ... it was a lot of fun!!


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