seeing my daughter

Yesterday I took one of my girls to a Dietician ... my concern ... her weight and body image ..... best decision I have made taking her to see this Dr!

First I was so thrilled to hear the first things out of her mouth was to tell  my daughter how beautiful she IS ... just the way she is .... I almost cried.... She then proceeded to say how scales are bad ... YES now I love this Dr cuz I have always felt that way!! she talked about how our society and teenage girls...and women in general are obsessed with numbers and that we can not do anything about the frame we are born in .... again inside I was like YES YES YES!! She talked about the dirty 4 letter word "diet" ... and how NONE work and she was literally mortified that our family Dr had recommend my daughter at the age of 12 cut out carbs and do the Atkins Diet ... she said " I hate it when GP's give out Nutrition advice" ... she told her that she is growing and needs the carbs to fuel her body .... and that her weight will grow into her frame with eating healthy and balanced close to Nature foods.... YES!!! again I was dancing on the inside!!

We had to do a 3 day food journal for the Dietician and I felt so bad as with the wedding on Friday and then company still here and the amount of tourist stuff we have been doing ... it hasn't exactly been a typical week of food eating around here! But what did come out were 2 very important facts for my daughter to know (and me of course) and therefore make some changes...

1 - she hasn't been eating Breakfast ... I am sooooo guilty of leading a bad example of this! I have never eaten breakfast regularly except for now that I am pregnant and literally wake up with my tummy growling and the need to feed :) .... she explained that it is vital to eat within 1 hour of waking up as this sets your metabolism for the day ... and she needs to be eating a protein in the morning as this really gets the body/energy working. She said out of all the things that I am telling you if you only make 1 change make it this one ... please eat breakfast!!

So after learning what grams of sugar are ok and what we shouldn't be passing ... she said stick to under 6g of sugar per serving and avoid anything over 9g... after thinking Raisin Bran was healthy we learned that it actually has 15g of sugar per serving ... DOAH ... so I went to the store last night and bought Bran Flakes 4g of sugar and then bought some dried cranberries (natural) and raisins and then an Organic Breakfast Booster of grains and seeds... and made her  her own "Raisin Bran" cereal! I also learned through her that the "fact" that the lower the percentage of fat the milk is the higher the sugar is incorrect ... oops ... I have been buying homo milk thinking it had the least amount of sugar .. she told me that thats not true but the very fact that it's fat content is so high outweighs it and while kids underweight could use the extra fat this is not our case.... so I bought some 1% and she totally doesn't mind the taste so that's ALL good!!

Breakfast ~ Healthy LOW sugar HIGH fiber ~ CHECK

2 - she doesn't eat regularly enough .... she often "forgets" her lunch and partly due to the fact that she doesn't really like eating in front of others as she feels the judgement ... and in fact has been told by people that she eats too much and that she is eating too many bad foods and is she aware of how much sugar she has put into her body today ... yah uh hem ... and not just by kids!! so she also was told to use her words just like she would with a bully to let others know in a respectful kind way that they have crossed a boundary!! She should be eating every 3.5 - 4 hours for her age group.... and we went over again what foods are great snacks and how much of each food group she should be eating and to stick to as close to Nature foods as she can ... obviously if its in a package or box its farther from Nature and foods that rot and have to stay in the fridge are closer to Nature.... that kind of thing.... She is a grazer at night and she was told her body is wanting the Nutrition that it was denied throughout the day so it is very important to eat regularly and keep the portions the size of her fist or less.... basically everything the Dr explained was in language my daughter could understand!! like I said I LOVE this Dietician!!

3 - she isn't getting enough dairy .... calcium calcium calcium ... so very important in teenage girls as they are growing to avoid osteoporosis later in life ... she also isn't eating enough fruit and veggies ... so all things that were explained in a great way and easy for her to understand.

It was such a great appointment and we are going back in just over a month for a follow up and see how she is doing ... the positive feedback she gave my daughter was so encouraging ... I for one FEEL the looks, the judgements and know that people have talked about her size ..... people actually assume that she has body image issues and actually out of my 3 girls at home .. she has the LEAST!!! seriously she is so well rounded! she is not obsessed about herself like her sisters are ... she doesn't starve herself like her sisters do or pick apart her body like her sisters do!! but she is bigger so again people assume she has these body issues ... and that my readers, CREATES body image issues!!!

She is a bigger framed girl... she is most likely going to be at least 6 feet tall ... her bone structure is thicker and wider then her sisters and I GET THAT ... because out of the 4 of my sibling group I am the bigger sister!! as she learns to eat and fuel her body in a healthy way her weight will grow into her body ... and NO matter what size dress she wears or what the scale may say ... she is beautiful inside and outside ... she is funny caring loving and compassionate .... she is sooooo witty and smart!

She wrote the FUNNIEST speech for her sisters wedding ....

" Hi I am Faith, if you don't know me then I guess you are not a true friend of Morgan and Kevin. When I first heard that Morgan and Kevin were getting married I was so happy she finely got Kevin to ask her. I won't lie I was kind of mad he was taking my bug sister away, my big weird geeky cat obsessed but no question my favourite sister. I don't remember the first time I met Kevin he was just there. Kevin is such a good brother in law and overall a great person. I think Morgan and Kevin are so nerdy, like really nerdy, with all their video games and always on their laptops, their addiction to the big bang theory and I am pretty sure they have a life sized Zelda shield, but together they make a giant big nerd.
I love both of them so much but Im just saying Kevin if you hurt her I will go ape on you and Morgan don't lose him you will lose the greatest and kindest guy that will agree to marry you.
Here's to Sheldon and Amy"

she pretty much got a standing ovation for that speech!!

my wish for my precious daughter is that people SEE her ... that they don't look at the size of the frame and judge her from that ... that they really just SEE her for how beautiful she truly is!!


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