my Son

So last week I had my Anomaly Scan ... I have never had an ultrasound where I get to see everything the entire time! There was a TV on the wall and so Paul and I were able to watch and listen to the Dr instruct and teach the Intern and Medical Student who were also in the room! It was pretty educational and I thought the Dr was so adorable when they started talking real big Medical Terms and he would lean over and say "nothing to worry about Mother, everything looks great" .... We got to watch them find and count 5 fingers on each hand and basically rule out all the big markers for Downs and Cleft Palate and Club Foot ... He asked us if we wanted to know the gender to which we eagerly replied YES PLEASE ... he looked right at the beginning and said the little monkey has it's legs crossed so we will come back to that later ..... it seemed like a LONG wait :) waiting for them to clear the markers that something could be wrong and then waiting to see if he could see the gender ... I had pretty much convinced myself throughout most of the pregnancy and the ultrasound it is a girl and I was fully prepared for him to say ... it's a girl .... so when he said ... those look like little boy parts the tears instantly flowed ... he said to us "well it's time to switch from baby girl things to little boy things ... it's a boy" ... WOW!!!! what a flood of emotions!! I am still wrapping it around my big head :)

it's a boy!!! WOW

All the miscarriages that I had tested in my 20's were girls ... and then of course my 4 beautiful daughters .... the 2 miscarriages that Paul and I have had were both boys... which I was shocked at knowing they were boys and when this pregnancy stuck...which may sound cold but when you have had as much loss as I have you get a little technical about it all... I thought it's probably a girl this time .... but no .. it's a little boy and we are all sooooo thrilled!! thrilled that he is healthy and thriving and I am doing my best to listen to my body and rest as much as I can ... which isn't easy for me .. and this cold, oi vey this cold,  just won't let up!!! ... all so that in Feb we can hold this little miracle son and baby brother in our arms!!

He has a name ... but we will be keeping that to ourselves until his arrival :)

This little boy is my parents 13th Grandchild ... they also have 6 great grandchildren.. so far!!! ( I am the youngest of 4 girls/children)
This little boy is Paul's parents 22nd Grandchild ... they also have 21 great grandchildren with 2 more on the way right now and definitely there will be a LOT more :) (Paul is the 2nd youngest of 7 children/3 girls and 4 boys)

So even though this will be Paul and my only child together ... he has 4 big sisters ... a crew of siblings in heaven ... and A TON of cousins and 2nd cousins and 3rd cousins to love him and grow up with him!!

He is blessed already!!

He is SOOOOOO loved already!! the girls keep saying ... I can't believe I am having a baby brother!! they screamed in excitement!!

I go again Oct 29th for my very first 3D scan ... I am SOOO looking forward to seeing his little face and I am so thankful for the technology we have today!! The Dr's in charge of my care want me to have this coming scan then again in 6 weeks and then again in 4 weeks after that ... they said everything looks great but with my age and history they just want to keep a closer eye on me ... I AM SO OK WITH THAT!!!

I received my first gift ... a BOY gift on Saturday ... little blue socks that say I love daddy and I love mommy ... so so so surreal :) so totally thankful and so totally in love with my little son already and now that I am 20 weeks I feel so much movement and stronger and stronger kicks.... it just brightens every day!!


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