Mother of the Bride

So I survived :)

I was pretty much exhausted going into the wedding day ... I mean 21 weeks pregnant and the restaurant was catering the wedding ... and we had a few hiccups with all that ... and even though I physically wasn't pulling off the catering I did all the organizing and setting up.... so yah ... I was exhausted :) the day before the wedding we worked very hard organizing the reception hall and unloading the catering supplies to the hall ... then the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner ... it was a looong day and that night I only got about 3 hours sleep!!

We had a few little bumps getting to the church ... my Morgan had started working at a local horse barn about a month ago and she has lost so much weight that we had to tape her into her dress! we had to help her breath through a few stress tears as we ran to the store to get double sided tape :) ... then the RV that was supposed to be our transportation was thought to have had it's break seize...turns out Papa was just a little over excited and didn't let the airbags level out the vehicle long enough before trying to drive it ... we overcame all the little hiccups... and we managed to get to the church on time!

The ceremony was beautiful ... I totally cried walking down the aisle ... and then realized I didn't have my purse be brought to the front so I didn't have my camera on me to take pictures .. oh well I will have to wait for the professional photos to come back! I am disappointed that we didn't get any professional photos with the Bride and Groom and myself and Paul together... not 1!!! it was kind of crazy in the church with extended family staying for group shots and then trying to keep on schedule and then before we knew it we were all going where we had too.... the Bridal party to get their photos done somewhere was pouring ... and me and hubby to pick up last minute things at the restaurant and then boot it down to the hall to get ready for the reception ... and I admit when it dawned on me we didn't get any pictures of the 4 of us together ... I cried .. like there is no "re-do" :(

I had woken up at 3am the morning of the wedding thinking of what my speech would be ... I replayed it in my mind until 6am ... I should have just gotten up and typed it up cuz when it came to give the speech and it was like 7pm and I was beyond tired, emotionally drained and all the rest ... I forgot most of what I had planned on saying :) ... oh well what do you do?!

I might type out it out here one day ... just still in recovery mode :)

All in all the whole wedding was beautiful! the photo booth was a hit, as always, and the kids dance that they had taken a WHOLE lot of lessons for paid off .. it was pretty cute as Morgan slipped a couple of times on the slippery concrete floor and Kevin said "I got you, I got you" .... they really really love each other and are such a good fit so I am very happy about that.

I am pretty sure that as far as my role goes at my other girls weddings ... we will not be catering it lol ... that was a whole other duty and major responsibility that is just too much ... I don't recommend it! It would be different maybe if I wasn't the one who oversees the catering at our restaurant or if we had had it at the restaurant and not catered off site :) ... the prep... the clean up of the hall ( we got home at 12:45am) and then the next day having to go and finish cleaning the catering dishes and washing 3 loads of tablecloths and putting all the catering things away .... yah .... TOO MUCH :)

The kids are off on their honeymoon and I have so much family here that the visiting just continues which means my house is really lacking in any TLC and it took a few nights, an evening of tears (total emotional let down and beyond exhausted) ... and I am finally "sleeping" at now 22w2d pregnant that means waking up 4-6 times to use the washroom and spending some time getting comfy but I am not complaining I am thrilled to not be awake for 3+ hours going over details ... like over and over and over .. in my mind :)

I never ever dreamed of being a 40 year old Mother of the Bride ... and so you can imagine that I really never dreamed of being a 40 year old PREGNANT Mother of the Bride!! but I was and it was a great day and like I said in my speech I always wanted a son... and in 4 months time I will have 2!! my new Son Kevin, and my little Baby H who arrives in Feb!!

Life is Good!!


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