21 weeks and taking DEEP breaths!!

I think it really is too much to ask for things to just run smoothly and problem free .. I mean WHERE is the fun in that???.. said with slight tongue in cheek!! there are times when it seems it's just one thing after another ... so today I am choosing to NOT let it all overwhelm me :) and I am choosing to stay in a positive place :)

Today I am 21 weeks!! more than half way there!! and time couldn't move fast enough! I am so looking forward to February and holding my little boy in my arms .. ok that is STILL so surreal :) I am having a real hard time getting to sleep these days... staying asleep is a whole other torture!! this cough/cold that I have been fighting for over a month now is still holding on .. not being able to take anything relieve the discomfort and symptoms SUCKS... like really it sucks .. but I have learned a lot about natural remedies that are safe for me and so I am drinking herb teas, doing a nasal thingy that makes you gag as you squeeze saline water up your nose... SOOOOO gross!!! .... rubbing vicks vapour rub and oil of oregano on my feet ... putting drops of lavender oil on my pillow ... whatever it takes!! and going through a BUTT TON of kleenex and toilet paper!! like wow I am a snot producing machine right now ... sorry TMI! :)

I am so loving the ever growing bumps and kicks that I am feeling. Mostly at night, when I am trying to fall asleep...but I know this is never going to happen again so I am enjoying it. Not loving the tired side of things but love that this baby is growing!

I have been busy sewing and crocheting up a storm ... honestly it relaxes me and I LOVE being creative, although sewing at my high kitchen table isn't so comfortable and my belly is getting in the way .... not sure how much longer I will be able to stand that.... and now I have had to put it away...cept for some crocheting I am doing since I am little couch bound trying to get over this cold and now my tailbone nerves are wrecking havoc on my every bend and reach whine whine whine whine... cuz this is THE week of the wedding!!

Are all mothers of the bride as stressed out as I am?

Feels like all the last minute things that a Bride stresses out about the last few weeks before the wedding, I have been stressing about too! WHY am I such a worrier wart?! actually I am not sure it's so much worrying about it as it just wanting to make sure it all gets done and nicely ... and yah I guess that falls under the "worry" definition :)

This week we have to make all the give away gifts, get our nails done ( I know rough eh?!), getting my roots done, prepping the food cuz it's my families restaurant catering it ... and I am in charge of catering .... and my Chef who I did have in charge has herniated a disk in her back so.... I am now going to be prepping :) which honestly I don't mind and it's not too much and thankfully I have a great team being put into place! and then of course there is decorating the hall (which we have lots of help for!), and then the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner and all sorts of family flying into town...thankfully a lot of them are renting cars cuz there is NO way I could play taxi driver as well!! and then of course the Bride and Bridesmaids are sleeping over at my house the night before ... so the teens MUST clean their bathrooms/bedrooms..which I was prepared to do but now that I really can't bend over I just have to stand over them and MAKE them do it, my way!! :) ... and yah .... lots of little details that I am putting Paul in charge over like getting us all breakfast in the morning and picking up the flowers and taking them to the church and he gets to be the driver of the Groom and Groomsmen .... yup lots and lots to do!!

and hopefully the end result will be that things will go off without too many bumps and glitches ( I cater enough weddings to know that NO wedding comes off without SOME hiccups) and that Morgan and Kevin will have the wedding that they dreamed of and that I helped them pull off :) I am TOTALLY going to be tooting my own horn about how much I am helping :) lol ... unless it all goes crash boom bang then of course I had not that much to do with it hahaha .... and I am looking so forward to enjoying my family that is coming that I hardly get to see and watching the Couple dance their first dance...and sitting there taking it all in ... that my baby girl that made me a mother almost 21 years ago is now a married woman... and legally belongs to someone else ...WOOT WOOT .. haha just kidding :) (not really) :)


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