paranoia and taking it easy

What is the definition of taking it easy?

I don't do it well... I love to be busy.. if I am not busy I become the extreme opposite... almost lackadaisical in fact!

Also... daytime TV really sucks and I think if I have more time that I need to be off my feet...which I probably will... I am going to have to get Netflix and start crocheting a butt ton of baby stuff :)

Yesterday when I saw... ok people probably TMI here ... blood ... I had what most women in pregnancy would have when they see that...sure terror and panic and instantly trying to grab hold of peace and my Faith. Reaching out to others to ask for prayer is comforting for me, although vulnerable, but I am an open book and would rather know that people are praying and wishing me well then just sitting in my own thoughts about it all.

I had a lot of weird pains as well yesterday and a lot of lower back aches.. all not good and so I went home and put my feet up and drank lots of fluids like my Dr said to do and gently rubbed my belly and kept myself in a quiet place.

I think I might rent a doppler now ...even though I know it won't change anything.... it might be useful to calm myself down faster should such a thing happen again.

My conclusion ... my body doesn't really like to be pregnant ... but I love having children ... so.... I have to force myself to listen to my body... something again I am not very good at... and just let it go and be.

I love my OB/GYN ... I have his cell number and am allowed to text him 24/7! talk about special service!! he is feeling better about me feeling better today and will be checking in on me throughout the weekend .... he really is amazing. I told him I have a few errands to run for work today and he is ok with that (and I am taking my Emily to help with lifting!)... which makes me feel better about having to do them... and then I will return home and stay off my feet... or go get a pedicure as I have a gift certificate for my fav local spa from my Miss Emily that she gave me for my seems like a great day for some pampering!!

My week ahead, actually the next MONTH and a bit, is really busy with work...busy for me in the organizational end of things but I have a great team to pull it all off!! I am learning my limits! even if a little slowly!! and my daughters wedding is a little stressful for me as I am a planner .. and she is not ... and I am working on letting that all go as well lol ... honestly I am so glad I have a tight circle of friends that walk my life out with me!!

Thank you to all who prayed for me and continue to cover me in prayer! I so feel the love :)


rena said…
Stress is insidious and toxic, so set boundaries, starting with Morgan's wedding. She can plan her own and if she's not a planner, oh well, not your problem! The worse that can happen is that it'll be a day of unplanned chaos involving family, and it's not like we've not done that before!

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