baby bumps and political rants

Baby Bump update:

15 weeks and counting .... been feeling a lot better lately! Sometimes I know that this blog is so therapeutic for me! I blogged aka blab and I start to feel much better! It helps that I am feeling a lot more movement on a regular basis as well!

This week I am having phase 2 of genetic testing done .... it has been causing me a little bit of anxiety but I know that as a planner, I need to know. I also believe that if something shows up we know what to pray for.

I have felt the "sewing bug" again and I haven't felt that in years! I love to sew and create things ... so I made myself a diaper bag and a washable change pad that matches, out of Paul's old jeans!! soooo fun even though I am feeling muscles in my rib cage I haven't felt for awhile!! Sewing for 5 hours straight will do that to you!! I know that once we know the sex of the baby no sore rib muscles will hold me back and I will be sewing like a mad woman!

I am feeling quite a bit more tired already... by 7pm I am pretty much done! the eyes are heavy and all I can think about is my nice cozy bed. My cat Mocha is trying to prepare me for many midnight sleep interruptions! she wakes us up 3 times at least a night...crying and wanting to be petted!! kind of driving us crazy!! The fact that I have been fighting a cold or allergies, they both feel the same to me, isn't helping in the tired department. I asked my Dr if I could take anything ... he said just tylenol... not worth the risk with anything else in my case. So I am trying to eat as many Vitamin C's as I can... they are making me feel nasciaus! and putting Oil of Oregano on my feet at night and putting up with the constant dripping nose and sore ears :(

Watching my belly grow is a little surreal and watching my bottom try to keep pace is a little depressing but I am trying to NOT think about it! ha ha ha

Life update:

I love September cuz I LOVE Fall! I love the cold crisp air and the smell of the rain! I love the leaves changing colour and being able to sleep without the puddle of sweat around my neck at night :)

This year is a little strange with the strike and the 2 girls not being in school yet.... I don't have a lot to say about it, well ok thats a lie I totally DO have a lot to say but I also know that I don't know all the facts and I find it hard to know exactly WHAT to believe!!! What I feel I do know ... I believe the saying " it's all for the kids " is a bit of a lie... just a tad! .... I am not a union person at all, not even a little tiny bit so I automatically don't trust the BCTF ... I also don't really trust the Government so I guess I am stuck in Switzerland! I personally don't get why so many are upset that Christy Clarks son is in private school... last time I checked this is a free country and she can put her son in whatever school she wants too! pretty sure we all have that same choice! and I am thankful for that! with my youngest in private school and the fact that I went to both private and public schools I am thankful that there are choices for us parents out there. Last thing I want to do is live in a Country where they tell us where our kids have to go to school and we have no say! Some people say they don't have a choice cuz they can't afford it ... I think you can afford what you want too! there are a lot of private schools with different tuition grids out there! and there are more choices then just public and private schools!  any ways ... I agree the class sizes and composition need addressing .. I totally get that! I also think that maybe the fact, in my area at least, that there are so many ESL students and families and it's growing more and more each year, is taxing on the system and funding.

I know a TA in a neighbouring school district that works with very low functioning special needs kids. There is 1 boy in the class that has a brain injury and will never develop past a 2 year olds comprehension... the parents have been in the Country for 10 years, originally from South Korea, in 10 years the parents have not learned a word of English... not a word... so every time they have to meet with the parents the school district has to hire an interpreter ..... ???? I don't see how after 10 years they couldn't have learned the language of the Country they now call home and the Country who's programs they are using even for ligit reasons... personally, I think they should pay for the interpreter if they cannot bother to learn the Language!!

How many more cases like this are there? While I really have no answer to that question from what I DO know... it's growing!

When my oldest attended Kindergarten her class, 1999-2000, of 15 kids had 4 behaviour children, 7 ESL students, who I personally witnessed their parents not speaking much if any English, and the rest "normal" kids ... the teacher looked at me one day and said I am sorry your child is not going to really learn anything this year, I've had to throw the whole program out the window and I am just babysitting instead. .... this is the reality of way too many classrooms!

So what can be done about this cuz throwing 1 more teacher into the classroom I can't see being the only answer?!?!

Personally, and I am entitled to my personal opinion :) ... I think ESL kids parents should have to learn English before sending their kids to school.. and they should pay for it themselves. I think ESL kids should have a 1 year of special classes to help them learn the language and get ready for our school system... to be paid for by their families not my tax dollars.
As far as special needs kids I have no idea .. seems to be a growing epidemic of more and more kids being diagnosed with special needs... why? I think more research dollars to finding out why and what can be done to prevent this could help... maybe?!

Moving update:

My hubby spent an entire long weekend pouring over blogs forums and Government websites and tediously prepared all the paperwork, photos and pictures and yesterday mailed it off..... so step 1 is finally complete and only 4 months shy of 2 years of talking and debating our migration :)

It is a pretty big step of faith for our little, not so little, family! We have gone back and forth so many times on what is best for us and where we feel we should be.

We feel for our family that moving just to the other side of the border will open up more doors for us in the long term..... so step of faith taken ...kind of feels more like a giant leap!


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