18 week and wedding updates

18 weeks ..... I am finally able to wear my wedding rings again, that lovely first trimester bloat is gone and I am enjoying not being so puffy!! I have NO idea how much weight I have gained...nor do I care... ok that's a lie I totally care but not weighing myself as really thats the least of my worries... I've lost it before I will lose it again and I know this time round being 40 and not 27 I will have to work that much harder!!! where I do seem to be gaining the weight is where I gained it the most with Faith... thankfully I sit on it most of the day :)

I am feeling ok, still pretty tired but that's to be expected .. not a ton of movement yet . just a few here and there and looking forward to feeling more on a regular basis! I think the anterior position of the placenta really is affecting what I am able to feel. I have an anomaly scan on Oct 1st .... I am a tad nervous about it but mostly I am just excited again to see Baby H and hopefully we can learn if its a boy or girl. My girls all think it's a girl still and while Paul is hoping for a Boy he said he has a funny feeling it's a girl.... me.. I don't know ... I go back and forth and when I am having the I think it's a boy feelings I pretty much think it's cuz that is what I have been wanting it to be!

The wedding plans are moving right along... the kids finally seem to be getting things checked off the list that I made them :) and I am feeling much better about it all. I am officially the wedding planner...come on we all knew I was already!! I told them I better get a HUGE thank you at the wedding cuz without me... it wouldn't happen :) not even kidding ;) I am rather enjoying being a part of it all though. I do this a lot for my work and I think I am pretty good at it :) the wedding we are catering Oct 4th I am really a part of the planning with and I really really enjoy it! I like being bossy and telling people what I think :)

After this wedding on the 4th and then Morgan's on the 17th I am taking a huge step back from being actively involved in the catering at the restaurant. I will still be meeting with people and making the arrangements and selling our services, cuz I can sell :) .... but I will not be personally attending them as the 12+ hour day is just way too hard on me. We are currently putting together a plan and people in place to pull the actual events off and I am really happy about that. Even after I have the baby I think it will be awhile before I am able to physically cater.

I am listening to my Dr and slowing things down ... I quit my 2nd job which I absolutely hated to do cuz 1,  I really enjoyed it, 2, I just really started there and 3, I felt really badly leaving them so soon and unexpectedly. I knew my Dr was right and was feeling at the end of my personal limits!

My sisters are coming from out of town for the wedding and I am SOOOOO looking forward to the week that we get to spend together! I am going to be taking off as much time as I can from work and just enjoying my sisters and some much needed down time after the wedding!!

All in all life is pretty good right now and I have to say as well that I am thrilled school is finally back on!!  I was really surprised at the anger and some blatant disrespect people were showing and it was all such an emotional issue!! I personally was afraid of the effects this would all have on the economy if it continued much longer on top of course of the issues that were being fought for! I really don't want to say anything else about it as it's not worth the hate mail :)


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