Why I am consciously uncoupling from Facebook

Lately I have been really turned off by facebook ... like really turned off ... there are things going on in my life that I don't fully divulge and things that I totally keep private ... even though I am an open book I am not THAT open :)

If you read my last post you will see some of what I am talking about and I have taken some time to process and evaluate my relationships ..... mostly my relationship with Facebook!

I have been over dependant in my relationship with Facebook .. I have looked to it to feed things in me that I think are not so overall healthy. I have taken advantage of this relationship and most definitely have given it way more importance then it deserves. I have looked to facebook to validate me and I now realize that it's a one-sided not so healthy relationship!

So I am consciously uncoupling with Facebook!! :)

I have had to make boundaries in many relationships in my life and now it's time that I make boundaries with Facebook as well!

There are certain aspects of Facebook that I LOVE .. I love seeing all the pictures of people and their kids .. especially of the kids ... a ton of selfies will conjure a decent "eye-roll" from me ... but I love to see how fast kids grow and I love watching funny little videos of kids and animals and old ladies dancing and swearing :) I love being able to keep in touch with people that if it were not for Facebook I would only just wonder about them and not be able to "watch".


there are SOOOO many aspects of Facebook that I hate ... I hate the you must share this post or you don't care about cancer or don't believe in Jesus or don't care about the suffering .. .really???!!! I hate the posts where people are obviously spewing about another person and you know enough about their lives to assume who they are talking about ... I hate rederick (don't know how to spell that word!) ... I hate people slamming other people for expressing their opinion... since when did freedom of speech get so messed up? I don't like it when people use facebook to try to convert others to their political views or whatever extreme views they have .... cuz no matter how much I read I am pretty sure my views are my views and not going to be swayed.. call it stubborn but reading 1 persons article isn't likely to sway me! BUT it's totally their prerogative to post whatever they want to their wall and mine to simply scroll past it :)   I didn't comment on the local teachers strike too much cuz I knew I would get slammed for my opinion .. just not worth it .. I hate that we can't have an opinion these days.... unless it's the current PC or popular opinion. I hate how much of my time, time I can't get back, I have wasted on Facebook. I hate the fact that Facebook creators/operators dictate what you see and what you don't see. I hate that it sucks me in and if people don't "like" my status or pics I feel slightly dejected .. ok sometimes more then slightly!

It's a false sense of reality and I am done with so much of it.

So boundaries ... boundaries and me have had to learn to work together :) I want real life interaction more then I want lots of likes on my current status... at least I am working on that :0) .... I am training myself to NOT check my phone hundreds of times a day... I am not posting everyday .. I am not liking other peoples stuff to simply let them know I am thinking of them .. I am trying to send more personal messages instead... I am interested in having my friendships that are actually a part of my everyday life flourish and thrive and invest more into people/relationships who invest in me as much as I invest in them.

I will not be totally separating from Facebook, as I do see some value like I said above in friends and family that live far away.. it is a great tool for many things, especially advertising for my families biz... but I am learning to walk in balance in my life ... well I am trying .. .desperately trying to find balance in my life...with work/career, parenting these teens of mine, health, friends and family and making enough time for my amazing husband ... it's a whole juggling act that I may never perfect! and I am trying to be ok with that!!

so how's your relationship with Facebook going these days?!


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