confessions of an almost 40 year old .... part 3

As I attempt to come to grips with myself in regards to my body image I am doing a LOT of self talk ... like a lot .... telling myself to accept the things that I cannot change and to change the things that I can...

I am walking again most mornings and trying to do my 30day AB challenge... which is not really 30 days anymore at this point ... and I am doing a modified version cuz I could barely roll over in bed let alone function ... but I am DOING them :) just at my own pace ... and I am good with that!

This whole turning 40 thing has me in circles ... I tried on summer dresses this morning (cuz its hot and I still will never do shorts no matter how much I learn to love  my body!) and discovered that some just don't look the same on me anymore ... they fit ...but just fit differently and I am learning to be ok with that ... so as I put another dress on I realized I am gravitating towards a little ... ummm less young looking dresses. It's happening people...  my style is getting a little more age appropriate :) whatever that means!

So the things about myself that I cannot change ... at least not FULLY is my , um my large ASSet...

yup this is as real as it gets here people ... 

no matter how "skinny" I have ever been, THAT part of me has always been a little bigger then "average" .... and no matter what stage of weight I have been I have always had a hate on with that particular ASSet! 

I would love to do something about the dark circles under my eyes but I am pretty sure that while my teenagers are teenagers there is not much I can do about them!

My skin is changing and .....well it's starting to hang and just feel so different ... I am totally for a little Nip and Tuck down the road ..not to change how I look but to keep from looking older then I am , or at least as one friend put it, Like I just woke up fresh in the morning! 

ok I honestly had SOOOO much more to say but for the past hour my 14 year old has been standing/sitting beside me talking  and demanding my attention NON~STOP that I keep loosing track of my thought pattern/process and yah ... I kind of lost of all that I wanted to say! but I think that it had something to do with being confident in Who I am and yet always struggled with How I looked and all that that did and yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah ... I think I have posted enough about this now :) 

oh well... at any rate, I am trying and I read lots of inspiring "love your body" articles and I am waking up with a purpose everyday to be accepting of myself and just overall more comfortable in my skin!

and yes this is a cheesy "selfie" taken IN my closet this morning ... I was tempted to post a full silhouette but thought better of it soon after hahaha!!

18 days and counting till 40 ..... OMG!! 


You look fabulous... fun selfie.

The whole body image thing is so tough... I really want to try to focus on just being healthy. I need make time to exercise just to get healthier... sigh.

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