it's a coffee kind of life

This weekend coming up is giving me some major anxiety ... like major!

This weekend I have to do a birthday party ... my youngest turns 12 on Sunday ... so a WHOLE lot of 11 and 12 year olds to deal with .. yah me!! ...and a couple  of the girls are sleeping over ... double yah me!! .... and then Saturday/Sunday my 15 year old is in a Softball Tournament ... and I have a catering consult on-site at 11am .. and then Sunday well Sunday is my actual baby's birthday and it's Mother's Day ... one of the busiest days at my families restaurant .. like crazy line up out the doors kind of busy .... I think about this weekend and I swear my heart skips ... several beats ... if ever I wish I had a clone, it's now!!

I've started taking an antihistamine with a sleeping agent or I am wide awake at 4am ... like pop goes my eyes and the wheels in my brain are spinning at full tilt ... so when I wake up I pretty much have 1 thing on my mind and 1 thing only .... COFFEE

I LOVE Coffee .... I NEED Coffee .... If they came up with an IV Coffee drip, I would be first in line.

I am a coffee addict and proud of it :)

OK while I can't relate THESE days to the picture above... I spent many a year smelling bums ... deep sigh.. ahhh the glamorous life of being a mom .... if only I knew then what I know now! ah who am I kidding I would do it all over again!

My house is currently a mess, let alone the child's room where she expects people to sleep for her birthday party, today was a complete right off work wise in the fact that I feel like I was running around with my head cut off and I am not really sure what I accomplished ... I did get a call back on possibly another job interview, as the other job I thought was going to happen I ended up turning down and I wonder how I will hold down 2 p/t jobs that are really more then p/t and manage the house and the teens and life and and deep breath yet again... and then I had art class tonight and now here I sit ... banging this out ... listening to my precious loving teen girls tell each other where to go and how to get there .... is the wine bottle empty?! and I think of my bed  and I think how will I survive tomorrow? and then I can almost smell it!!! COFFEE

The perfect Mother's Day gift for me would for my kids to buy me some more coffee!!! I know they can fill out all the "coupons" in the world for back rubs that I end up having to pay them for, cleaning their rooms which barely happens, helping around the house which we know means extra work for me cuz then I either can't find anything or it's all under the couch or in their closets .... no, I say a big fat H.E. double hockey sticks, NO to that!!! but coffee?!!???! anytime!!

What I love about the single serve coffee cups is that I make exactly how much I need... one precious dark Nectar of the Gods cup at a time!! it's fresh, it's hot, ok it starts out hot but we know it doesn't stay that way!!! but I am totally ok with drinking warmish coffee, cold does the trick too!!

What's even better is that until THIS Sunday...May the 11th for those of you who are lost in the chaos of teen life like myself ... your loved ones, cuz we know we love them or why else would we be picking up their stinky underwear?!...  will save 15% off these eco-friendly, aromatic K-Cup compatible coffee packs ... use the code: MommaJo ... they have this cool little "what coffee flavour are you" test over on their site ... and we all know how we like to avoid a little mom duties by completing on-line tests :) I did it earlier today and I got "the heart breaker" ... I would think being a mom of teen girls I would get finger breaker but heart breaker is good too :)

So do me a favour and go check out their website and tell your kids and significant other... hey THIS is what I want for Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms and Mother's Heart People out there!!!


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