yes I am THAT mom!!

Over the past weekend my 15 year old was in her first fast pitch softball tournament ever! In between preparing for a charity event catering order and running back and forth to the ball field it was a bit of a busy weekend for sure but I love every minute of watching her play ball.

I don't watch quietly!

Ok maybe for the first game I was a bit quiet as I don't know the rules well at all and I didn't know any people from her team with 1 exception ... so I sat, watched, observed and asked a few timid questions. Now I am pacing behind the dug out .. mostly cuz those bleachers are BRUTAL on my back and after doing food prep for several hours sitting on the bleachers is pretty near impossible for me.

I am not a quiet person!

Like DUH!!! I am a blogger about my personal life! nothing is sacred... ok well some things are but I don't keep my opinions to myself! This weekend I hooted and hollered with the team and parents and may have called the coach on one of the other teams a name....not shouted out but certainly didn't hide my "opinion" very well to the other parents on the team, but he really was a jerk!  .... and so I realized.... I AM THAT MOM !!!

I am that mom that rolls her eyes ( I physically cannot help myself and this was something I got into trouble for a LOT as a student in private school!!), gets involved, calls stuff out, confronts issues, protects like a momma bear (hence my oldest now just calls me "momma bear" all the time). Not in like kind of way ... but enough that my "opinions" are well known.

I am that mom that cheers loudly and often enough that I somewhat embarrass my teens .. but then I don't really care that I embarrass them, it even kind of makes me want to do it even more! I am THAT mom!! I take oodles of pictures and videos and post them on several social media sites! They hate me tagging them but I do it anyways!

I am that mom that tears up when my kids win an award or are recognized for their achievements. My girl was awarded MVP at the Sunday Morning game by the other team, I missed it as I was doing my catering at that time, I was bursting with pride when I heard the news!!  I am very proud of my kids, ok most of the time....not so much proud of the stupid teenage moments when they completely lose all reason or rational thought process and make stupid choices, those I could do without!!

I am not sure what kind of mom I thought I would be :) but it's fun being THAT mom!!!


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