Kick Punch and Destroy a sisterly tale

When I was a little kid my sister, not quite 2 years older then me, and our 2 cousins played this stupid game called "kick punch and destroy" ... quite literally the object of the game was to kick to punch and to destroy .. one another!! in the dark no less! all the lights would go out and we would start in opposite corners and then we would start spinning until you connected with a body and then you would go NUTS! being the youngest in the group it was inevitable that I would get hurt first, start crying first, and go run and tell the parents first... so you can understand why they made me BEG to play PROMISE to not cry and tell ... so I would beg and plead and 5 min later cry and go tell the parents!

I don't know why we loved that game so much! getting out all our aggression? cuz mostly it was sibling attacking sibling in the dark!

My sis and I were pretty physical with each other... we fought a lot! we played a lot as well...when we were young we were very close and did most things with each other. We snuck watching Saturday morning cartoons together...carefully avoiding the squeaky stairs! quietly helping ourselves to our breakfast of shreddies with powdered milk, YUCK, our mom would tell us there was no difference between powdered milk and reg milk, we might have been kids but our taste buds worked perfectly fine and there is a HUGE difference between the 2! Together my sister and I would bribe the babysitters with our cuteness and get them to let us stay up late....sneaking to bed quickly when my parents arrived home... when we lived on Grouse Mountain there was this huge window we had to pass to get to our bedrooms .. our parents would sit in the driveway knowing what they were about to see and sure enough as we literally crawled under the window one of us would pop our heads up to see if they indeed were home ... we were smart ones :)

As close as we were and as hard as we played .... we fought equally as hard ... like we held back no punches :) nothing was really off limits and when our mom would make us hug each other afterwards we would dig our chins into each others necks and jab our knuckles under the ribs as we said "SORRY" through clenched teeth!

I guess it's pay back time!

My girls seem to have followed in my aggressive footsteps. They don't play kick punch and destroy as a game but when they are mad at each other it's like being in the ring in some UFC fight! Objects fly, words are spoken, sometimes there is blood (from girly nail scratches), and there are always tears. Yesterday as I tried to comfort both of them afterwards, which 1 did not appreciate me comforting the other and we entered more drama!, I couldn't help but be reminded of my childhood with my sister and the epic fights we had.... the thing is I don't remember what any of them were about! I don't remember scraping as teenagers, words yes, maybe a slap here or there but no more kick punch and destroy type manoeuvres! I try desperately to tell my girls that their friendships beyond any friendships in their lives are the most important! Their friends will come and go but their sisters will always be there, God willing.

I love my sisters. They are all quirky in their own ways :) but when I have had tough times, and I have had some TOUGH times... my sisters were there for me in ways that no one else was. They knew what to say and what not to say. They cried with me encouraged me and kicked me in the but when I needed it. They would do anything for me and I would easily return the favour. Sisters is a bond like no other.

I feel so privileged in my life to have not only 1 sister but 3 older sisters! and having 4 daughters myself I have always felt so glad that my girls have so many sisters. One day I will not be here but their sisters will be. I love that!

One day I know my girls who just want to kick punch and destroy each other will cling to the bond that only comes with having a sister!!! 


rena said…
so tru, dat!!

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