dreams and patience

I would say that for the most part I am a very patient person ... I have an extreme amount of patience with my girls!! but some may call that avoidance..... I call it survival skills :)

I do struggle with patience when I want something ... bad ....  the, I can almost taste it, I want it so bad kind of thing ... but I have to wait! ugh then I am not so patient!

We know we are going to be moving, the paperwork is almost ready, the funds are somewhat accounted for ... and then we have to wait! maybe fill more paperwork out, we are not really sure, and then we can move South, across the border and in to my hubbies adopted Country. My hubby is a dual Citizen so it really opens a lot more doors for the girls and I.

Moving State side is really a no-brainer ..... housing/property is WAY cheaper... like no comparison cheaper! yesterday we drove by one of the places we have found for sale on line and oh man now it's a little harder to be patient, like I have a choice in the matter :) .... the acreage was so private and as I looked across the property I could SEE ourselves there... see us planting a garden, see us riding quads around, see us working on the yard and Paul in the shop....sooo many dreams fulfilled could be seen.

I am totally obsessed with HGTV these days. I love "leave it to Bryan",  and "house hunters" and "house hunters international" are my favourites ... I love watching and dreaming and gasping at how picky some people are!! It's so fun to dream and plan and plan and dream. Now my kids watch it too! They are really excited about moving and the dream of living on acreage and of course for them it means having a dog and they SOOOOOO want a dog but it's just not possible where we currently live. They love the dream of getting a cow for FAA ( I think thats what it's called.. it's 4H in Canada) and raising it and selling it and earning money for cars! They loved living on acreage before when we lived in Prince George BC and honestly as "fashionable" or "current" as my girls are ... they are really country girls at heart. Give them a riffle and a target, a quad and some mud and they are over the moon, not like "here comes honey boo  boo" over the moon but you get the picture :)

It's fun to dream and plan together with the girls. I told them they have a year, cuz that is most likely the reality of the wait, so they need to do research on what kind of dog would best suite our family. They have been scouring the internet and one of them is even making notes! It's fun to dream about what kind of farm animals we could get... what colour of paint they would want their rooms, and  all the things that are possible once we move.

I see the giant clock in my head ticking down... 1 more Christmas in this house, maybe 1 more birthday for each of the girls....1 last Summer .... and I also am very aware of the giant clock ticking down before they are grown and gone...moving out into the big world on their own... ok big deep breath and exhale :(  ... time goes so fast and I want to cherish the time I have with the girls still at home ... and sometimes I dream of the day they move out especially days like Saturday when there were actual plants being thrown at each other in close proximity and the 2 girls had an epic 4 hour fight/battle, I exaggerate NOT! I was exhausted after, they had puffy eyes still the next morning ... so  not fun! but one day I imagine when they are grown and gone out of the house I might, just maybe, miss the fighting too! meanwhile I patiently keep dreaming!


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