birthdays baseball pictures and updates

So much for posting more often :/

I had the best of intentions to keep my posts more frequent and then wham I got busy... well life just IS plain busy!

First.... yesterday was this girls birthday

Let me introduce you to my best friend!

I have a lot of really great friends...some that I have known my entire life and I know thats a rare special gift and I am so thankful! This friend I met through work... she used to come in to a bakery/cheese shop I worked at and her little girl would ask in the cutest voice, Can I have some fontina cheese please ... so I knew her as the fontina girls mom ... yes if you go into a store and order the same thing the staff will name you accordingly! .... we would briefly chit chat and I just knew she was a nice person ... then one day after chatting a little longer she said ... I should work here ... I just knew she was right. Sometimes you just KNOW when you met a genuine person and I just knew she was one! I was proved right as she was a great worker, great at sales, great with people and the other staff and she became my right hand girl ... and we became friends. I just didn't know then just how good of a friend she would prove to be!

The following year and the break up of my marriage was understandably brutal. She was there, literally every single day... always listening, always encouraging, always telling me I was strong and I could and would survive. She is honest .. ok she is brutally honest but thats one of the things I love about her! she kicks me in the butt when I need it! and I need it often!! haha

I have a deep respect for her and have such a solid knowledge that she is always there for me, even with the craziest schedule I knew was possible to keep...the girl is crazy she is the definition of the energizer bunny!! She loves my kids and I know she has my back. She is the definition of friend and I love her to the moon and back and she did me the honour of being my Maiden of Honour when I married Paul! she even wrote a speech in RHYME no less cuz she knows I like poems/speeches that rhyme!!
Happy Birthday (yesterday) Deener!

Second my 15 year old has joined a Softball team and I am so uber proud and impressed as she hasn't played since she was 8 years old and she is doing AWESOME!!

I love love love watching her play! She has been impressing her coaches as well and as she is generally quite athletic, I am not surprised! 

Third it was this girls 14th Birthday just over a week ago .... HOW DOES TIME GO SO QUICK?

yes I allowed her to get a facial piercing!! it's called choosing your battles :) she wanted to get it when she was 12 and I wanted her to wait until she was 16 and we settled in the middle at 14! I actually think it suites her!

Fourth .... I received the results of the pathology from the miscarriage ... I don't know the sex yet but I did find out that it was a very rare Chromosome Abnormality, like pretty rare and had nothing to do with me being an "older" mom .... it's weird to say I feel relieved cuz thats not the right description but I do feel a little better knowing that it wasn't my body failing and when you have had a loss like this, it's comforting to know that piece of information. 

Fifth ... I told you I have been busy! .... it would seem that I am about to get a WHOLE lot busier!! I had a very positive interview today and it looks like I have a new job! well a new job added to my other job! yup I will be holding down 2 jobs but hey that's what it takes then thats what I have to do! and I have been working an average of 6 days a week for the past 4 years so after a couple months break I am back at it!!! I feel confident that this is a great step in the right direction for me and although it will be an adjustment to the hours and having to travel to work! I've been spoiled for the last several years where I could walk.. ok I hardly ever did walk!! haha I need my car to run errands thats my excuse and I am sticking to it!!...but now I will be commuting in traffic and the girls are going to have to step it up a bit and I think it's all good!! I am looking forward to the challenge and the new possibilities!!

Sixth ... have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE this man? 
cuz I do!! immensely and more and more every day!


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