pet peeves

Sometimes I think I have a lot of pet peeves ... but then I tell myself everyone has them and I realize that I myself may even be some peoples pet peeves... I know it's REALLY hard to believe but it may be true!

Depending on the mood I am in things strike me differently and I know I can't be alone in that!!

Some of my current pet peeves are:

people putting their crap outside .. you know those "free" items that are not good enough for their home or good enough to take the time to drop off at a good will place, but just tossed to the side of the road... I've seen some people drive around looking for such abandoned treasures but mostly as I drive past the items day after day in all sorts of weather I feel like screaming, come on lazy a$$ take care of your crap!! last week I was appalled that in my local neighbourhood someone actually put a toilet out on the lawn ... yup a toilet cuz times are so tough that someone out there is going to pick up your used and most likely broken, cuz why else would you get rid of it, toilet!!! apparently some kids thought it wasn't broken enough and now it's smashed so now there are pieces of a broken used toilet on the grass!! lovely!!

drivers who cut you off ... in the last week I have been cut off 2 times with the drivers pulling out right in front of me and then instantly turning their blinker on and stopping to turn ... REALLY!! you couldn't wait??!! and with NO ONE behind me?! rude drivers make me bonkers!!

no lid on the milk jug ... is it really that difficult to put the lid back on once you take it off? and then where do they go?! seriously!!!

lost remotes ... in our house we seem to have a very hungry couch! things fall into it very easily and some people retrieve and others do not ... when the remote drops in...which is almost every single day .. and you reach down in-between the cushions to get it and your hand touches sticky items that you carefully pull back up ... yup it's really lovely! then there are times when the remotes are found in the most obscure places... mostly left there by my youngest in her attempt to KEEP control over the TV and then she can't remember where she put it and the whole house is on a search for the remote... good times people .. sometimes I think we should attach the remotes to cords to the TV!!

shopping cart meyhem ... WHY are people SOOOOO lazy that they cannot walk the cart back to the right place? we recently were leaving Fred Meyer's late at night so there were hardly any cars in the parking lot and we could not believe how many scattered shopping carts there were... here there and everywhere ... like it's SO inconvenient to walk a couple more steps and put it back? seriously people and we wonder why so many people are overweight .. talk about lazy!

teenage sticky fingers ... with a 15, almost 14 and 11 year old girls living in my house there pretty much isn't a day that goes by without something of mine going missing ... it drives me crazy... tweezers, socks, blush brush, shampoo (this one REALLY gets me when I don't notice until I am IN the shower and go to wash me hair... DOAH), razors ..... if they HAVE to use my things.. why can't they use them in my room/bathroom and then leave?... somehow they get taken out by "it wasn't me" , "I didn't touch your stuff",  "I put it back I swear" ... I officially live in the Sunday Comic Strip, The Family Circus. I have bought more tweezers in the last couple of months than I thought possible!! where do they go?!

these are just a few... :)
what are some of your pet peeves?!


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