my baby is getting married....???!!!

Time flies ... one of the Universal truths!! How can it be that this child who made me a MOTHER! at the tender age of 19 no less :) how is it that she is turning 20 this month and getting married in Oct?

I blinked!

I can't not be honest :) cuz if you have ever met me or read my blog I am an open book!! ...  I have my worries about her marrying so young! don't get my wrong... I love her man, he is calm and gentle and has amazing patience with her and they get along really really well. It's just that they are babies still!!!

I am left with the task of not placing my fears grown out of MY past! and placing them on her and THEIR future! I have to remind myself ... they are not me, they have their own path, I cannot control their future... on a daily basis.

My fear is that they are too young and don't know enough to give them the tools they will need. BUT I get that is my issue... not theirs! nor can I place that on them! I can advise, and trust me I do!!! I can be there for them unconditionally ... and I believe I am! but I cannot let my fears control my feelings about their journey.

I think as moms thats hard! I think its more instinctual to protect aka control, to direct aka control, to guide aka control our children for as long as we can... or think we can!! just keeping it real!

This is their journey and their path and I love them through it all!

They have had a really long engagement! They got engaged Dec 24 2012 and they are not getting married until Oct 17 2014 .... so its been hard to really FEEL the engagement hype for me due to the length of the engagement ... that and being newly married myself and #raisingteengirls and you know all that comes with life, I am fairly preoccupied! This Thursday night we are throwing them an engagement party... totally late in the making but the Mother of the Groom and I feel this will help throw both of us into Wedding Planning mode!! we get along really well... SOOOOO thankful for that!! and we are talking about different aspects of the wedding and how to best help assist...without taking over!! we BOTH have the same take over kind of personality :) so we are both learning to carefully suggest and not impose :)

She did buy her dress and we were both there for that... totally had the "moment" when she tried on THE dress and we shed a few tears .... I am not sure that I can describe the feeling seeing your daughter, your baby girl, try on her wedding dress!! woman and child all at once! it's pretty surreal!

I have had fun looking on Pinterest for ideas and themes and sharing them with Morgan. I am enjoying this side of being the mother of the bride ... ok even as I type that I instantly have the thought "how in the world am I a MOTHER OF THE BRIDE?" ... surreal.... but fun and exciting and nerve wracking all rolled into 1!

I blinked and now I am going to be the Mother of the Bride in just 7 months time!! wow


Janice Martin said…
a blink of an eye...that's how fast it all gets done

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