I am back baby!

If you have read my last post from a year ago, I had decided to shut the blog down for some very private reasons.... well a LOT changes in a year :) and due to some very big changes in my life and where I am heading there was a need to open it back up again.

So here I am.... all of me, the nitty gritty good bad ugly ALL of it :)

I have found it is so true what they say about finding yourself in your 30's ... I am so proud to be able to say I found myself, I love myself and I understand myself today better then ever. I am SOOO glad to be able to say that as I shortly enter into my 40th year!!

It's about time!!!

I will be keeping my other blog going, www.thedragonflymomma.wordpress.com

So the trick will be balancing 2 blogs and my crazy life !

It's good to be back!


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