what I want. what I really really want

A situation arose this week that was quite hurtful and the end result was me asking myself "what do I want" ... the fact is .. I don't know!
I mean I want a lot of things... who doesn't?! but when the question was put forth to me what do you want, not what you think you should want or what others want you to want but what is it that you really really want with your life ...
again .. I don't know!
I mean I know I want my kids to be well and happy and smart and wise and make good lifelong healthy choices ... I want the same for my husband ... I want that for myself!
but the details.. what do I want job wise, life wise... what will I allow and what will I not .. besides the common sense things.. I am still at the I don't know mark.
So I am going to do a little exercise tonight to lay out what I don't want ..maybe that will help me to narrow down what I do want... make your requests known to God... you have not because you ask not ... all the things that I have been taught and know ... going into the New Year I want to know what I want ... what I really really want.
How do you figure out what you want? and I am not talking just material things although that is all part of it maybe.


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