the baby is off to camp

I packed my baby girl's bag last night for her very first camp experience.. I honestly don't know who was more excited me or her?! she actually said this morning that she thinks I was more excited.. and NO it's not cuz I am rid of her for 2 nights :) I am just soooo thrilled she gets to experience camp! She is going with her school and I have to just say her being in this school is a total blessing! not only has her grades come up and her teacher stays with her after school to help her!!! but her confidence has risen as well! (see post about a little inspiration).. she has a lot of friends and is generally very well liked... pretty much her entire class came out for her birthday party and I could tell by their interactions they really like her.. I LOVE HER SCHOOL!
My first camp experience was when I was 16.. I never did the "kangaroo court" and had the fun experiences of being a kid at camp. It's something I had always wanted to experience. So I have tried to make sure my kids have gone to some kind of camp. The biggest challenge in that of course is the financial end....wowsers is camp expensive!!! like I am talking most summer week camps are $600++ and with 3 kids oldest daughter is 19 and doesn't count as a kid any more :) ....I just simply cannot afford it. This camp was less then $200 since the school did fundraising (that I catered!) and it's only 2 nights away.. so when she asked I knew that I had to make the money work.
I can't wait to hear about all her fun and adventures and hopefully it's not full of girl pre-teen drama! in fact I gave her a little talk about walking away from it as to not damper her camp experience.. she said you sound like my teacher, to which I replied, I love your teacher she is a smart lady! She was pushing me away at the school when I dropped her off this morning.." it's ok mom you can go already I am fine" ..... why did I feel like it was the first day of kindergarten and I was dropping off my last baby and walking away sad wishing she would miss me but knowing that I have raised my girls to be independent strong women in the making... I taught them too well!


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