This weekend on top of being one of the busiest working weekends I have had for awhile and a peek into what my month of August will be!! we had a family wedding, which I didn't end up making it to as I was caught at one of my catering events and just couldn't get away.. family wedding means so much family comes in from out of town and that is awesome!! I LOVE my family!!
I am the youngest of 4 girls.. and having 4 girls myself is pretty awesome... I love having sisters and I love having daughters.. mind you the drama and the emotions that comes with that can be a bit overwhelming and exhausting :)
Only 1 of my sisters lives close to me.. the other 2 live far away and it's not very often that all 4 of us are in the same place at the same time any more.. this weekend was the first time in 7 years that all 4 of us have had that opportunity! It was a great birthday when my 1 sister who I haven't seen in 5 years walked in! yes it was just my birthday last week and I am trying to ignore the fact that this is the LAST year I get to say with honesty :) that I am in my 30's!
We have spent snippets of time over this crazy busy weekend walking down memory lane and catching up. It's been amazing! It's been emotional at times as well but being all together is such a treat that we are savouring every moment.
Last Saturday night my mom and her 2 sisters and ALL their daughters (see group photo) were ALL together... I don't even remember how many years it has been since this has happened! We all chatted away.. cuz the gift of talking didn't just fall on me :) .. and we laughed together... man did we laugh!! we laughed so hard we cried! .. another family trait.. we so enjoy, like truly enjoy, each others company! Feel free to watch a little YouTube video my sis took of some of what we were laughing at!
I feel very honoured to be a part of this family...even with all the crazy drama that happens in a family and through the different life experiences we all have had, we have stuck together, loved, forgave, laughed, cried and shared! and that to me is what the essence of family is! living honestly and open one with another!
I know for a fact that if I could link their personal story to each one of the amazing women in my family pictured above, you would be inspired, they inspire me!


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