working it all out

Now that I am officially married for the large amount of time of ... 2 months and 23 days :) ... I have to say that being married to my man... well it's the most natural thing in the world! of course there are things to work out along the way but I think the fact that he is 41 and I am the young tender age of 38 :) we have really gotten over a lot of crap already and beside the obvious "divorce" baggage and the fact that I have 4 daughters... I only brought a TAD into the marriage hahaha... we are doing really really good! I have to say mostly because of him and who he is! and that is the honest truth! Neither of us FEEL like "newly weds" ... there are no unrealistic expectations! he knew what he was getting himself into and I trusted my instinct, which was huge for me, that this man was a GOOD guy! pretty easy to figure out .. marry a man who has complete confidence in WHO HE IS.. and you have a great man!!
My current advice for anyone out there still looking for Mr Right... find a confident man over anything else! charming gets old...looks fade (although I do find my man extremely handsome!)...adventures get exhausting...humor isn't what it's cracked up to success can go as easily as it comes, common ground can become uncommon!...  confident and stable is where it is at! let me tell you!!
The reason I married this man after only knowing him for a little over 6 months was exactly that.. he is confident and stable! I knew that I knew this man would be good to me every day of my life... and so far I am right and I know it's a forever kind of right!
Now take this man who is living in a house with 4 hormonal women!! not just women but pre-teen and teenage women/girls... yah my thoughts exactly this guys deserves a medal! heck half the time I don't even want to be here :) it's not always easy listening to what I need to listen to... something in me REALLY hates being told what to do! hahaha ok that is the understatement of the year! ....but when he is helping and supporting and BEING present! something I craved and wanted and needed for a long time.. sometimes it's hard.. cuz reality is this - parenting teen and pre-teen girls is NOT easy!! another understatement! while I need his help and his perception, I don't always eagerly listen to it! But I always do appreciate it...underneath the eye rolling and sarcastic comments, I know shocking that I do that.. but I do!! .. I am NOT kidding about being told what to do! I somehow missed out on the growing up part of that!
He is beside me however how difficult a task that might be :) he chose to stand beside me.. to support me and when the crap hits the fan..and trust me it hits the fan A.L.O.T. .. he is there, never angry at me, never mean, never selfish, never wanting, just supporting...actually wanting what is best for these girls and ready to defend me when it's needed..and it's needed (and no they are not rotten...not completely :) haha just hormonal!)
The fact that there was a man out there...willing to stand with me...willing to help parent these girls who crave the consistency he brings and the confidence he carries as naturally as his own skin... they needed him maybe even more than I did! Some days there is more laughter than others but I don't think that is much different then any other family out there! We will have ups and we will have downs...but one thing is for sure! I am confident 100% that this man is here with me for the rest of my life....working it out! and that should hopefully bring hope to you out there still waiting! the right man is worth waiting for!



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