Miss Em is 14

I interrupt the honeymoon segments to post my baby girls birthday post!

It's a little late! She actually turned 14 the beginning of this month! the day we returned from our Honeymoon actually! 14 years... you know you know times flies but when you measure it by your children growing older and older...well...it just makes it that more unbelievable and before you know it... they are the age you feel!
well I am not entirely at THAT stage yet but... it feels like it's getting close!

I think one of the things I love best about my Em is that she is so beautiful and she doesn't really know it... not yet! she has no false pride nor is her head too big for her britches ... she is so beautiful on the inside out.. like one of the most incredible young ladies I know!

she is so smart! like we are talking 96% grade average.. she is street smart as well.. she just "gets" life!

she is also probably one of the funniest people I know! she makes me laugh daily! She is a rare joy, a jewel. 

She is athletic.. I watched her today, although not as long as she would have liked cuz I am wimp and it was COLD outside..play soccer and she is so good! a team player who takes initiative and isn't afraid to GO for it!

She is kind. She is sensitive and although she could literally beat the snot out of her younger sisters and sometimes I think she should!! she doesn't.. it just isn't in her. She is a lover not a fighter and the motherly instinct is pretty strong in her. She is compassionate and caring. She really is a treasure and I LOVE being a part of her every day life. I am honored to be her mother, which she honestly makes so easy.. Love you baby girl... so proud of my miracle baby and the young lady you are growing to be!


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