the wedding planner ... or something like it

I am so thankful today to say that I am feeling much better! Besides a cold that I must have picked up in the hospital and having to be VERY careful of what I eat and when I eat, I feel like I have definitely turned the corner. PHEW! With my wedding 37 days away it was making me nervous as I still have a lot of the little detail kind of things to do!

After feeling really calm and laid back about the wedding thus far I am now feeling the clock ticking and the realization that wow I have a lot of little details to still do! I went shopping last night with my 13 year old and got a few pieces and things to help me with the guest signing and the table decor... thankfully the restaurant is all decked out for Christmas and the place is so unique itself that there isn't a TON required! When I told my florist I wasn't going to do table centerpieces he quickly rolled his eyes at me and said "girl...we are doing centerpieces!!" so we are doing centerpieces! but he relented, sort of, on the fact that I am not doing table clothes! :) I can be a wee bit stubborn but I have a feeling that I won't out stand my Matron of Honor, who is also thinking about the vision of the reception! Since my fiance is a Country Red Neck American! I was thinking of a City meets Country kind of look, a denim and diamonds kind of theme! I am pretty excited to see how it all unfolds and comes together.

We are having the reception at my families restaurant... it is not 1 open space but more like 3 spaces, all unique but somehow all go together. My dad is an architect/designer and he created the space... it's pure genius if not always practical :) I am not sure there can be a real "head table" due to the layout but we want to mingle with our friends and family, eat, dance and party :) 

I didn't really want a wedding wedding at first, heck a year ago I was pretty sure I would never remarry, like EVER! ... I was trying to convince him to just elope... been there done that kind of thing was my thinking... but since he has never been married before he really wanted a wedding... and as soon as I heard him on that and knew he was serious, I cautiously embraced the idea of a wedding .... now he will say I wanted it too otherwise I wouldn't have gone out and got my dress so fast and all that fun stuff! truth is I am a planner and I LOVE planning things and events.. it's what I do at work, or part of it and I am really good at it... I drive other people nuts while doing it as I am not conventionally organized :) but I get things done and I get them done well! Now that the wedding is 37 days away, I see that he is right. I love this man and I want to share that with my family and close friends. I am proud to be marrying him and I can't wait to celebrate it! I also can hardly wait for the honeymoon...sun heat sand surf... ahhh I can feel my body soaking up the Vitamin D already!! :)

So now I need to concentrate on getting 100% better..I noticed this morning that the deep purple bags I usually sport under my eyes UGH is actually quite a bit lighter in color! the bags are still there but way lighter. I find this very interesting considering how sick I was and makes me realize that foods were definitely contributing to the color under my eyes! now to figure out what those foods were! I would have thought it was wheat but funny enough with all the limited things not bothering my stomach, wheat is one of them! I can eat toast and crackers and my stomach actually feels better... rice... not so much! so weird and definitely worth exploring. I think it's time to go to a natural path and figure it out.


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