a few words from patient Lala

Just a few observations from one little ( ok little is debatable ) West Coast Canadian girl ( ok lady I am way past being a girl ).

This past weekend I was in my local hospital for a wee stay. I went into my family Dr's office on Friday after waking up Thursday in agonizing pain that just was not going away and my appetite which is usually quite healthy was non-existent. After a quick examination he told me to go the ER immediately... like do not past go do not go back to work, which I was trying to convince him I had to do, and do not go home...go to the ER my girl.. said in a very stern voice. So I obeyed... I know shocking! I walked around with a broken wrist for 3 days before I went to the ER before... I really dislike being a patient :) ...

After waiting an hour I was given a bed and an IV started ( in the inside of my elbow which is extremely annoying as every time I bent my arm, my right arm and I am right handed, the bells went off as the IV stopped working...4 days of this and I swear if I hear a beep I am going to fling my right arm down to my side immediately!) ... they administered morphine, which I also learned after 4 days on it that I do not do narcotics well, it's been confirmed I would make a terrible drug addict! phew can scratch that worry off my list :) ... then within not too long I started reacting to something we presume, the pain felt like hot lava spreading throughout my abdomen and my heart rate became eradic... I was quickly wheeled from the hallway I was occupying and moved into a real ER bed with my fiance closely watching and making sure the nurses were moving... he is American our Canadian Medical System is new for him and as far as he can see, severely lacking!! they hooked me up to a heart monitor and gave me a crap more drugs which kept me quiet... I might have been making a tad bit of noise.. and effectively knocked me out! .... not too long after that or I presume, I have no idea of time at that point, I was admitted and moved to the surgical ward where I stayed until yesterday after they released me after much begging and pleading that I would go home rest and be a good girl!

Being on the surgical ward for 4 days was interesting... I made a few observations in my somewhat constant drugged state.... in no particular order here they are

nurses - the nurses on the surgical ward are WAY over worked! there was little to no Dr presence and they are everything from bum wipers, really there is no nicer way to say that, to drug administrators... they work hard every minute of their shift! there were 2 long term patients in my dorm room of 4, 1 lady has been there for months even though her surgery was months ago, she is waiting for a care home to take her. She has dementia and likes to bite... seriously she kept trying to bite the nurses, kick them and throw things at them. Then her verbal attacks begin... which are quite too funny to hurt any ones feelings but still it is constant, although for me, a tad entertaining. Then their was my immediate roommate beside me, who looks a little like Mr Burns from the Simpson's, he had 2 sides, a witty side and a mean mean mean side. The abuse he dolled out on the nurses was shocking. I was appalled and it took everything in me to not start in on him, I would have but I know it would not have done a lick of good. One of the night nurses said something really profound to me she said " a lot of patients think that we are here to SERVE them instead of TAKING CARE of them, there is a big difference" I totally agree!! This man is there as he cannot walk very well and his surgery is still a month away ... so he is in quite a state... several times at night the nurses had to go in and wash his bed down, change his gown and bedding as he had taken off his diaper yet again and wet the bed... then abuse them if they didn't bring him his percaset fast enough or not allowed as he had already reached his max dose... then he became ugly and mean doesn't even cover it. I couldn't help but think with both patients WHY are they there? why are they not in homes? when I think of the patients in the ER lying in hallways!!! when beds on the surgical floor are being occupied with abusive long term patients... it doesn't make sense to me! I don't get it.

decision making - On Sat I was supposed to have an ultrasound, for some reason NO ONE knew I was given a CT Scan instead... Sunday they finally gave me the ultrasound... no one knew why the orders got mixed up or who mixed them up and you have to wonder in some cases would doing the WRONG test cause someones life? you have to wonder! you can't help but question HOW something like that happens!! it scares me and this is another point my American fiance was appalled at.

commodes - really I get that these are necessary but can someone not invent a laser vaporizer that disintegrates the nastiness as quickly as it falls?! that has to be the grossest experience ever... assault to every sense when the 2 long term patients who cannot use the toilet themselves who repeatedly ask to use the toilet and are given the commode and hardly can actually GO .. but when they do Lord help us all the toxins released are the most powerful gases one can imagine!

rant over thinking of the commodes is making me sick

I am now home, trying to keep my liquid diet down not very successfully, my stomach is not wanting anything in it, that I have to stay on until the pain goes away. ( I wanted to lose a few more pounds before the wedding this diet plan is a little extreme ) Trying to rest and not let my blood pressure rise...which is hard for me right now as I battle Rogers Wireless and the plan they keep trying to screw me over on!! ugh... and not worry about work...which I always worry about work... and just be ... breathe and rest and think about how I am soon to be married to a man who I just keep falling more and more in love with... as I unlock all the protectors I placed around my heart I find that I am in awe of the man I have been blessed to find and the life we will have together!

oh and my loose diagnosis as they couldn't really find anything and why they didn't want to let me go with undiagnosed severe pain is that I have an inflammed gallbladder and possibly a gastric ulcer(s) which they are treating me for. Any changes and I have to go back to the Dr... it looks like I picked up a cold in the hospital as well.. it seems they are good places to pick things up at! :(


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