my momma

Today is a special day, a very special day! Today is the day the world was a better place because today is the day my momma was born.... 70 years ago!! She sooooo doesn't look 70 and I hope and pray that I get her genes but I think I look too much like my dad :)

My mom is SUPER adventurous! This picture of her with the gator head was taken just a couple of days ago! my parents have been gone for the past 2 months traveling across Canada and now down into the States in the 77 GMC RV! today they are boarding a cruise ship and then after that they will continue their adventure! I cannot imagine 2 months traveling in an RV (with my dad hahahahaa) let alone at 70 years old...pre-conceived idea of what being 70 feels like I guess! my mom definitely does not let age dictate to her what she will and will not accomplish. She is an amazing example for all women let alone myself and my girls!!

My mom is soooo involved with her family. She loves big much and completely of herself. She was there for the birth of ALL 12 of her grandchildren .. her family means so much to her and she leads us all fearlessly.

My mom loves to laugh! She is also incredibly beautiful... the kind of beauty that radiates from the inside out.

My mom leaves a legacy that determination goes a long way! She leads by example and has a heart of forgiveness and grace that is hard to match.

 Did I mention how beautiful my mom is?!

 My mom means so much to me, without her love strength and support I do not think I could have endured the things in life I have had to endure. She has been a pillar to me. She emits a warmth that feels like a lifeline to me. She is the first person I want to share something with, my sounding board, my guidance counselor and to have her as my mom makes me feel so incredibly blessed.
Happy Birthday to the best momma in the world! I love you!


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