Changes are happening over here... hence the long pause in the posting and as I have been working really hard lately there really just isn't much time! Change is everywhere and not all change is easy! Not all of my family adapts to change so easily and we definitely do not all handle it the same way!

so 1 big change... Morgan left today for England for 3 months.. my baby is spreading her wings and flying and I honestly could not be more proud! while tears were flowing at the airport.. mostly between her and her boyfriend :) .... I just know this is trip was important! seeing the world..trying out her independence.... learning more of who she is and what she wants! all are big big steps in becoming the woman she was born to be. I love this stage of life with her! Sure there are still struggles and moments when I feel like bubble wrapping her and exasperated all at the same time :) but there is a sense of accomplishment (and relief) when your child steps into destiny and starts figuring stuff out all by her big girl self! I am so proud. I will miss her completely but am so happy for her and cannot wait to hear of her adventures even more!

2nd big change ... my second baby starts HIGH SCHOOL tomorrow... like totally crazy how fast time flies and whamo before I know it she will be graduating yikes!! she is SO excited! she is also excited to get Morgan's room and 1 min after getting back from the airport she was in there putting her things in and making the room "hers" for the next 3 months as much as she can.

3rd big change .... the youngest 2 are starting at a Christian Private school tomorrow! this was a fast change as we only really knew it was for sure since last Thursday and we have been in "adjustment" mode yes REAL fun!! uh hem (not so much) ... I feel inside that this is the best move for the girls... good for Hailey as I think the discipline and structure are exactly what she needs ... and excellent for Faith as she will get more help with her school work in a smaller classroom and just know she will excel academically there... at least that is what I am hoping for... and the Christian environment  well I am thrilled about that as well! hard to wrap our minds around such a big change and uniforms (ok I am SO hoping that the 1.5 hours to get Hailey out the door every morning will be easier with a uniform! ) in such a short period of time.. it's been a lot and emotions have been rocked a bit,...but we will get through we always do!

4rth big change ... my work schedule has kicked up a notch as the department I have been working on at work has pretty much sky rocketed... taking with it a  lot of my brain power and energy but at the same time a little more infusion of self confidence that I am good at what I do at work and I have to say ... that FEELS amazing!!! there are more changes I am making at work and I have a lot riding on this .. kind of proving myself while my parents are away and I am the captain of the ship in a matter of speaking... feels great feels scary feels overwhelming at times and feels rewarding.

5th big change ... having someone in my life that totally supports me... that loves me ... that wants me ... that encourages me and listens to me and then some ... eases my fears and puts my self doubts to bed ... this is the change that I am loving the most :) and even today when emotions and tempers hit the fan, he was a rock to me and I felt his support, I didn't crumble even though I did waiver a bit :) hey it's a learning process and I know it took us all a while to get to the place we are in and it's not going to take overnight to get out of it! ... I felt his love and his concern and that, well that is a change I am ready for and totally accept!


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