and then there was 2

So just when I was least expecting it ... in fact after the reality of what teenage and pre-teen girls are all about!! in living breathing back talking cheeky color :) I was pretty sure that he would fact I don't know how I handle it, sometimes I handle it better then others, and why would this man who has no "package" of his own want to take this woman with quite the load?! to most people it doesn't make sense.

He is no ordinary man.

He is strong, stable...emotionally and in every other way .. he is kind, honest and gentle and does not have a temper! ... he is giving and smart and Spiritually strong and secure. He is more then I thought was ever possible. On top of it all he is a good looking man with the biggest arm muscles I have ever seen :) hehe ... I am a blessed woman.

I wasn't looking for a relationship! in fact I only signed up on Christian Mingle . com as I thought it was a safer way to screen men, the looming fact that I have 4 daughters to protect is a little prevalent, and I knew it was a better way to root out thru the weirdo's... and there are a LOT of weirdo's out me :) I definitely wasn't expecting to find him let alone find him SO quickly!! and yet there he was!

Our first date lasted 5 hours ... the guy can actually talk as much as me! who knew that was possible :) and he listens just as well. We met at Starbucks and were there for 3 hours before we went out for a 2 hour dinner... and that my friends was pretty much it.... by 2 weeks I knew I was in, that this guy was a gift and different then any other guy I have ever met and meant for me. Like I knew knew and it didn't freak me out either. I thought I should be freaking out and yet I wasn't ... I was calm...didn't feel too good to be true ... just felt... right. I am not sure there have been many situations in my life that I have felt that sure or that calm and just knew that in the end God was in control and what was going to be would be.

Now the adjustment period is in full swing ... with a crew of nephews and nieces he is no stranger to children, his family is also very accepting and loving and that helps in all this as well. The girls are all adjusting, it's a lot for them and as my parents are still together I have to trust that they are sharing with me what they are going thru, as I personally don't understand what they are going through.The girls all adjust in their own way at their own rate and with their different personalities and perceptions it definitely is challenging at times. I don't expect that this will be easy all the time, I get that he is taking on a whole lot and the key to getting through it all will be communication and then some! along with some prayer... ok a lot of prayer! but I believe and that itself shows just how far I have come in the last couple of years, that all things are possible and that brings a certain level of joy and peace that is amazing to me. It all goes to show that with God, a great support system, some really hard work, patience and love..blessings flow!

and this man.. is a HUGE blessing to me and to my girls... and while I was prepared to stay single and knew I would never settle, and I haven't in fact I am blown away! I have to say that 2 is better then 1 and I am so incredibly happy!


Nahhhh, I'm so happy to read this. Enjoy! You deserve a whole pile of happiness.

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